Inspired by the elegant Thai stoneware that is instantly recognizable for its signature jade green tone and delicately crackled texture shimmering beneath a highly-gloss glazed surface, Celadon is a culinary jewel within The Sukhothai Bangkok’s crown.

Designed to resemble traditional Thai pavilions with floor to ceiling glass windows that showcase expansive gardens and immaculate lotus ponds, Celadon upholds its world-class reputation by providing impeccable service, fresh culinary twists on traditional favorites, and a casually elegant ambience that allows guests to relax while enjoying 5-star cuisine.

As both print and iPad menus are brought to the table, our waitperson ‘Fab’ deftly flips through gorgeous photos depicting dishes we can barely pronounce. As newbies to Thailand, we are at Celadon to experience authentic Thai dining. Decidedly not Thai, but much needed after traveling straight through from Laos, we order two classic martinis. After five years as one of Celadon’s head waiters, we ensure the evening’s fate to Fab’s trusty hands. I point to a seafood appetizer dish that catches my eye, and Fab delicately crinkles his nose – not Thai enough?

Expertly, he gently shifts our attention to the Miang Kam: a traditional sampler that arrives neatly presented on a lotus leaf. Fresh cha plu leaves take center stage surrounded by several condiments including dried shrimp, toasted coconut, peanuts, minced ginger and wedges of lime. Resembling a Vietnamese-style summer roll once wrapped together, a palm sugar dipping sauce brings each morsel to life, individually bursting with flavor.

From the wise recommendation to try a local Syrah from the GranMonte Family Vineyard in Thailand’s lush Asoke Valley to learning about the highly sought after sweet tamarind fruit the chef uses to create Celadon’s luscious Golden Tamarind Sorbet, the experience at Celadon allows guests the opportunity to identify with authentic Thai cuisine while relaxing with that second classic martini.

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