Honouring Traditions

Disciples Escoffier Indonesia invites young talents into a journey of culinary arts.

With headquarters in Jakarta and Bali as its First Chapter, Disciples Escoffier Indonesia (DEI) is an association of epicureans who enjoy good food, good wines and good times and want to help promote and improve the food and beverage industry in Indonesia. The Disciple Escoffier is a worldwide association of epicureans who, since 1954, serve to promote the values of August Escoffier. With more than 30.000 members worldwide, the values of the association are to promote the art of cooking and eating, to organise culinary competitions for young chefs and waiters, to bring closer together chefs and waiters, and to organise culinary events for the public and to participate in charitable events.

The Indonesian delegation of the Disciples Escoffier aims to promote culinary arts and culture across Indonesia. The goal of the organisation is to build a community of like-minded people dedicated to helping develop the hospitality industry in Indonesia through the Escoffier spirit and values. To achieve that, the association will create unique epicurean events throughout Indonesia for its members as well as the grand public to enjoy culinary experiences that are both fun and entertaining.

As the first initiative of the year and as an introduction to the association, DEI will be hosting several events in Bali on 21 May 2022, including a culinary competition, a cocktail party, and a gala dinner. Eight young chefs (between the ages of 18 and 25) coming from all across Indonesia have been selected amongst dozens of applicants based on criteria of creativity, respect for the ingredients provided, photos of their proposed dishes and the organization of the recipes for their proposed dish.

The winner will receive multiple prizes and will be sent by DEI to represent Indonesia at the Asia-Pacific Regional Young Competition in Hong Kong in September 2022 for a chance to go to the world finals. This unique event will give the candidates a great opportunity to develop their skills in culinary art as well as network with chefs from all across the world, opening doors to new opportunities for these young and talented chefs.

The evening will conclude with the very first DEI Gala Dinner in Bali – a grand epicurean event showcasing the culinary wealth of Bali. The gala dinner will be held at the beautiful Koral Restaurant at The Apurva Kempinski Bali. The event is open to everyone, both members and non-members to join. During the evening guests will have the opportunity to appreciate great wines and cuisines from some of Bali’s best chefs, such as Maurizio Bombini, Mandif Warokka, Gildas Perrin, Vincent Nigita and the chef from The Apurva Kempinski Bali. For the evening, the chefs will invite their Indonesian sous-chefs to perform their dishes in the kitchens to put forward Escoffier’s value of promoting and growing local talent.