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At a time when beauty treatments are becoming more and more advanced, our demands for more dramatic results from our spa visits and beauty regimen are ever-escalating. Some are opting for more dramatic procedures in the form of cosmetic surgery, but not everyone is ready to go under the knife.

That’s where the medi-spa steps in. Medi-spas have created a grey area between a day spa and a medical clinic, and they are the new craze that help you achieve more instant and long lasting effects from a spa visit without the risk, pain and hefty price-tag of cosmetic surgery. Think body contouring, laser therapies, anti-ageing innovations and intense facials – treatments that are several notches above your average spa therapy. Here, we’re looking at two of Asia’s most esteemed venues, where world-class beauty remedies meet a five-star spa setting.

An Exquisite Retreat

As part of the esteemed DERMACARE group, DERMACARE MEDISPA is one of Singapore’s newest and most respected medi-spas. It joins the already-established Dermacare Aesthetic & Laser Clinic and offers non-invasive beauty treatments in a luxury spa setting. No matter what your beauty needs demand for the New Year ahead, this medi-spa’s all-encompassing menu promises to invigorate and rejuvenate from top to bottom. The treatments range from innovative facial treatments and body wraps, to wellbeing and holistic healing.

Facial Pick-Me-Ups
One of our favourite signature offerings at DERMACARE MEDISPA is the DERMAC Light Clear Acne Treatment. After all that festive grub, our complexions aren’t exactly the clearest, so luckily, this latest therapy is ideal for unclogging our suffering pores. The treatment uses a little thing called PPx, which is the latest development in light-based technology. Its complete and rather complex name is Photopneumatic Therapy, and it is one of the most recommended treatments for acne. So how does it work? Well, the device gently vacuums the skin to draw out any impurities from inflamed areas, pulling out any pesky spot-causing matter. A broadband light is then used to zap away these impurities and kill acne-causing bacteria, unclogging and cleaning pores to allow oil to flow more naturally to the surface. The treatment is virtually painless due to the lower levels of energy that are used, and the results can be seen within one to two days.

But if you need a little extra help to really prep your skin for the year ahead, DERMACARE offers their Ultimate Radiance Lift; an all-encompassing treatment that not only clears the pores, but also promotes a younger, healthier looking complexion. The treatment is designed for those concerned with dull, tired skin that lacks tone and elasticity. Depending on your skin’s needs, your therapist will advise either an Enzyme Peel or a deep cleanse to prepare the skin. The regenerating power of Rose is then combined with electrical impulses to stimulate circulation and lymph flow. Face muscles are visibly lifted with the use of gentle micro currents, while fine lines and wrinkles are plumped out, smoothed and hydrated thanks to a Bioelectric Gel that works in conjunction with the electrical currents. The treatment is then topped off with an Instant Skin Firming Serum and the award-winning Overnight Repair Mask, left to work their magic while you indulge in a deeply relaxing shoulder and décolleté massage. High frequency currents are then applied to seal in the active ingredients, helping to close the pores and regenerate skin health.

Body Boosts
Let’s face it, as soon as the New Year arrives, we suddenly vow to improve our body image, whether it be to lose the excess festive weight, or to tone up ready for that dream beach holiday we’re already fantasising about. Of course, diet and exercise will help shed most of the pounds, but for a quick boost to get us going, DERMACARE’s body treatments provide a great first step toward that perfect bikini body.

DERMACARE MEDISPA have introduced a new range of body treatments that feature products from Epicuren; an internationally renowned brand of skincare. The key feature of the Epicuren line is its enzyme protein complex, known as the Metadermabolic Enzyme. For us non-scientific types, it is basically a protein that is combined with a waterborne solution of B vitamins to create a protein with intelligence. The Metadermabolic Enzyme encourages the skin to self-rejuvenate, similar to how aerobic exercise supports the body’s metabolism. And this super-protein is infused into DERMACARE’s innovative treatments, making each therapy more effective and longer-lasting than ever before.

Take the DERMAC Espresso Limon Slimming Body Treatment, for example. Supported by Epicuren products, this detoxifying and firming treatment guarantees to leave your body looking sleek and smooth. It begins with a citrus herbal body brushing to stimulate lymphatic drainage and detoxification. Focusing on the body’s showing signs of cellulite and water retention, peptides are applied to specific areas of concern to stimulate collagen production and firming of the skin. Your body is then covered in a European inspired Espresso Limón Slimming Oil formulated to purify and tone the body, keeping you looking fabulous all year round.

There is also the DERMAC Pumpkin Spice Body Peel and Wrap, which is just as delicious as it sounds. This treatment uses an aromatic peel containing Pumpkin Extract and Malic Acid to smooth away rough areas of skin and restore a youthful complexion. It is then followed by a Cinnamon Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub that seals in the properties of the peel and quenches any dehydration to reveal soft, glowing skin. And for sun-kissed bodies needing a little extra hydration, the DERMAC Polynesian Noni Body Wrap begins with an application of the Noni Herbal Elixir, known for its astounding healing and tightening characteristics. After relaxing in the cocoon of the wrap, a warm coconut milk body massage replenishes and nourishes, leaving behind a healthy, tropical glow.

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