Elephant Safari Park & Lodge, Taro, Ubud

Although elephants are not native to Bali, in a secluded spot some 20 km north of Ubud, at an altitude that makes it generally cooler and more comfortable for both elephants and guests, is an enticing 3.5-hectare elephant park and a stunning African-safari-meets-Bali style lodge.

The park now has more than 30 elephants, including several that were born there. So many visitors were keen to spend more time with these gorgeous pachyderms, that luxurious lodgings, most overlooking the elephants’ sleep pods, were built back in 2009. Everything at the resort is elephant-centric, from the wide sweeping paths to the statues of Lord Ganesha and the raised elephant-taxi stands by the door of each guest room.

The open-style main restaurant overlooks the elephant bathing pool, arena and rest area to ensure the best views of the elephants at work, rest and play, whilst the education centre houses some remarkable elephant artefacts, including a complete mammoth fossil, and is a great place to learn about these majestic beasts and the threats they face.

Centred in lush, manicured botanical gardens, the safari-style accommodations are plush and comfortable. At 104 sq.m. with a blend of opulence and functionality, The Taro Suite is the best pick. With majestic views over the magnificent landscape of the Elephant Safari Park through the glass floor-to-ceiling windows of the master suite and a sweeping balcony, the design features its own Jacuzzi and private bar.

Mason Elephant Park & Lodge

Jalan Elephant Park Taro

Taro Village, Tegallalang, Ubud

Bali 80561, Indonesia

T: (+62) 361721480

E: info@masonelephantlodge.com


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