Fitzroy Gastrobar


A Bohemian Rhapshody

Placing itself as an eclectic, bohemian location, Fitzroy Gastrobar looks unique with Moroccan-style couches, an ethnic-vintage interior, the famous frames wall and, of course, memories of Melbourne times.

Opened in early 2014, Fitzroy Gastrobar is a very laid-back venue located in the heart of Senopati, Jakarta. The owners are ex-Melbourne students who wanted to bring back memories of fun times, with food and drinks. The name Fitzroy comes from one of the city’s suburbs.

This Melbourne-lifestyle inspired bar offers many choices of refreshing mocktails and an extensive liquor selection, alongside a variety of comfort foods to sate your appetite, including mouth-watering desserts. This is the perfect spot to relax, or have after-work drinks, or a casual catch up with friends on the weekend.

From its signature dish, Mr. Moo’s Gyu Tan Don (ox tongue), to Chicken Karma Parma, do try the food!

Mr. Moo’s Gyu Tan Don is a beef tongue dish that happens to be the most popular on the menu, as well as the most recommended. Actually this dish is quite popular in Melbourne, too. Consisting of a bowl of rice with Gyu Tan on top, the beef tongue was thinly sliced and well marinated with sweet base sauce. You can also order additional sunny side up egg and add some chilli flakes to elevate the taste. It is well presented.

Chicken Karma Parma is deep-fried chicken along the lines of chicken piccata or katsu, with a breaded coating. The chicken meat was absolutely tender and juicy, with a divine tomato sauce that suited it to a T with its awesome balance of slightly sour and savoury, with melted mozzarella cheese bringing out the flavours.

The howling dingo on the gastrobar’s logo represents the creature calling to its peers in joy, and this is what Fitzroy Gastrobar is all about. Fitzroy Gastrobar also welcomes talented artists who want to showcase their masterpieces on the wall of appreciation.

At the weekends especially, the gastrobar invites its guests to have a good time by hosting exclusive events with international DJs on the decks.

The ultimate aim of Fitzroy Gastrobar is to be a laid-back getaway from Jakarta’s hecticness, giving great drinks, food, art and music at the same time


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