For Jetlagged Travellers

Say goodbye to fatigue caused by a long-haul flight with Sheraton Kuta’s new Shine Spa treatment.

Travelling the world is not as easy as sitting on a plane and sleeping the whole journey through until you reach your destination. No, it is not. After crossing continents and passing through time zones, the feeling of jet lag is inevitable, even for avid travellers. Being jetlagged is never fun, it can ruin a perfect holiday that you may have planned long before you leave home. Fortunately, for anyone visiting Bali, Shine Spa at Sheraton Kuta is adding a new treatment to its roster to help bring you back into a state of being fully awake for the rest of your trip.

Inspired by the techniques of Thai massage, the Dry Massage at Shine Spa is explicitly crafted with travellers in mind. Using a combination of compressing and stretching the body, the oil-free massage treatment will help those in fatigue to improve blood flow and muscle flexibility. The stretching movements also have a therapeutic effect and reduce sleep problems.

The new treatment is done skillfully by trained massage associates and is available in 75 minutes and 105 minutes. Be sure to check it out to maximise your summer holiday on the Island of the Gods.

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