Gardens by the Bay

The art of garden design has accompanied humankind since the time of the ancient civilizations and the preoccupation with creating an outdoor space that will allow people to rest amid greenery and reconnect with nature can be traced to the 7th century BC and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Throughout the ages, landscape design was vigorously cultivated with Japan, France, England and China leading the way and it seems that today this form of art transgresses all borders. A testimony to this is located in Singapore, which after an international design competition, selected an English firm, Grant Associates, as the lead designer of a major urban outdoor project: Gardens by the Bay.

Guided by the idea of connecting people with nature, Grant Associates designed a technologically advanced park, which has inspired movie and video game productions, reminding us that the “future” is not something we have to wait for because it’s already here. The progressive concepts of the best horticulture and intricate garden artistry, employed in the design of Gardens by the Bay, are more milestones in Singapore’s aspiration to become a “City in a Garden”. The park employs cutting-edge technology and environmentally friendly solutions for sustainable natural resource management.

Gardens by the Bay is a showcase example of replicating ecosystems from around the globe. Two stunning glass biomes are engineered to create the Tropical Montane (Cloud Forest) and the Mediterranean (Flower Dome) regions.

One of the most characteristic structures of the park is the Supertree Grove. Ranging from the height of 25 to 50 metres, these vertical gardens are built around a reinforced concrete core with a steel frame acting as a trunk. The Supertrees impress visitors with their futuristic design, which light up every evening turning Gardens by the Bay into a dreamy, surreal and mystical space.