Hog Wild In Bali


HOG In The Limelight

You’ll be just hog-wild, not just over the infamous wicked ribs and brutal martinis, but over all the delicious developments going down at Hog Wild in Bali.

After several years of being “naughty but nice” in seaside Batu Belig, this year, this pedigree Piggy has been rebranded as Hog Wild in Bali (with the same original team), evolving as bigger, better and even more untamed. Celebrating this and reflecting its growing popularity, this beloved street-side eatery has morphed from a “warung” into a bonafide restaurant, its semi-open interiors expandedwith additional dining space. Highlights are the outdoor seating at the front and back garden terrace area, complete with a small fishpond and louvered roof — ideal for groups.

Big bench-like wooden tables are great for families, friends and communal dining, while smaller tables cater to couples. Hog Wild in Bali’s semi-open pig pen has also been renovated as brighter and bolder, timbered Wild-West style with a ramshackle rustic chic look and decorated with wild piggy art works, homemade krupuk lamps and giant flying pig mobiles. Check out the relocated black and white hand-painted bar, stretching the length of the front dining room with a broad bar counter inviting singles to mingle.

But what’s in a name? Hog Wild in Bali’s overall concept hasn’t changed: still fun, informaland buzzy, with everyone here to have a good time and pig-out on the delicious home-cooking. Undeniably, the wicked ribs and grilled dishes are the culinary trademark of Hog Wild in Bali, cooked out front on the streetside barbecue grill. The infamous full rack of pork ribs is the most popular dish, practically falling off the bone and smothered in a secret barbecue marinade. But there are many other mouth-watering dishes that cater to all tastes.

Alternative grilled dishes include tenderlicious beef ribs, grilled chicken, pork chops (lean and juicy in a tangy sauce) and seared sashimi quality tuna steak. Indonesian favourites number among them crispy duck (bebek goreng). Plus there are soups, salads and sides featuring mashed potatoes, hand-cut fries and sweet potato chips, plus homemade sweets.

Similar to the premises, with its increased popularity, the menu too has evolved, with something for everyone and everything affordably priced. New dishes include Beef Shish Kebab, with grilled, grain-fed Australian beef, cube-skewered with vegetables, and piquant Green Mango Salad, infused with red chili and drenched in a sweet-sour dressing — a tart complement to all that protein.

Archipelago specials cover Beef Rendang á la Padang, a beef dish simmered in coconut milk (on Fridays) and, of course, Bali’s iconic Babi Guling (whole suckling pig) for a maximum eight diners.  Hog Wild in Bali is also known for its legendary “Brutal Martinis,” including Lychee, Gin or  Vodka Martinis (yes, these are brutal, so eat first and don’t drive home). New additions to the originals are still brutal, but with new flavours: Apple, Rujak, Wild Sugar Martini and Hot Piggy Martini, a very spicy little number,  with Tequila-infused chilli, lime juice and fresh sugarcane juice. Order these and you’ll be shaken and stirred with an impromptu “”shake, shake, shake”” dance from the super-friendly bar staff, shaking their cocktail shaker at your table or bar — even James Bond didn’t get this service.

Daily drink promotions include all-day specials, and Wild Women Wednesday from 5 to 7PM — buy one cocktail, get one free. Especially customer-friendly, Hog Wild in Bali provides drawing kits, a foosball table and “piggy-jiggie” dances for little ones, plus an ATM and extensive parking on-site. Hog Wild in Bali only accepts walk-ins — and in busy times and high season, diners are likely to wait for a table — but offers a spacious, semi-open waiting lounge with direct bar access. Diners are handed a personal disc pager that lights up when a table becomes available. Hog Wild in Bali also caters for parties and celebrations, including hen and bucks nights and, so that guests can continue the wild-life back home, even have their own “Oleh-Oleh” souvenir shop next door, retailing an amazing array of piggy-themed knick-knacks for the beach, kitchen and home. Previously naughty, now wild — lap-up the tasty changes at Hog Wild in Bali.


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