Kohler Design Center

Indonesia’s largest Kohler showroom opens in Jakarta

A global leader in design and technology of the world’s most stylish kitchens and bathrooms, KOHLER CO. has been making a splash in home interiors since 1873. Found throughout many of the most intriguing residential and commercial projects – including the world’s tallest building – the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and The Savoy in London – where Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in 1953, Kohler continues to beautify and add function to our modern lifestyles.

KOHLER’s popularity only continues to blossom in Asia, so in response to the growing demand for high-end kitchen and bathroom products, the steadfast company recently opened an impressive showroom in Jakarta. Covering a generous area of 1,000-square-meters, the KOHLER Design Center confirms the company’s status as an imaginative and inspiring design magnate. Inaugurated by Larry Yuen, President of Kitchen and Bath Asia Pacific-Kohler Co., many VIP guests, architects, developers and media representatives attended the gala opening event.

A favorite brand of five-star hotels found throughout the globe, KOHLER can be found in top destinations including the Four Seasons, Trump International, Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott and the Ritz-Carlton. An ideal resource for large and small projects, the KOHLER Design Center offers a luxury venue in which to explore the artistic and cutting edge world of classic and newly released high-quality KOHLER products. In addition to the products themselves, the design center will feature inspirational ideas that consumers may utilize in their own kitchen and bath designs.

KOHLER’s state-of-the-art technology and award-winning design fuses to create the NUMI toilet, a high-performance bathroom amenity newly launched to the Indonesian market. This season’s focus for bathroom design is inspired by re-creating the atmosphere of nature as well as the experience of bathing outdoors. A luxurious bathroom accessory, the NUMI toilet integrates bidet functionality within the unit. Providing unparalleled comfort and personal hygiene, the lid’s sleek design enables users to open and close the lid automatically without ever having to touch it. Equipped with an interactive LCD system, motion sensor pads allow for personal height adjustment, raising or lowering the seat to your own personal preference. Built-in speakers for music can be linked to an FM radio or MP3 player, providing an entertainment system within the tranquility of your en suite. KOHLER emphasizes that even the most mundane life experiences can be transformed into inspiring moments.

KOHLER Artist Editions blend function and art. Made from the finest materials by hand, KOHLER utilizes skilled artisans from Java to create luxurious home accessories by taking the purity of glass, marble and architectural splendor to create products of unparalleled beauty. As consumers continue to demand the very best to enhance their personal experiences, KOHLER meets this demand with exquisite craftsmanship based on the study of pattern and color that is rooted in the cultures found throughout the entire world.

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