Mask On, Mask Off


Sensatia’s new facial masks and scrubs are the hottest items this season.

As a leader in Indonesia’s natural beauty care, Sensatia well understands the needs of its customers. The Bali-based brand is a continuing innovator in finding what works well in this tropical weather. Always at the forefront of keeping skin fresh and glowing, Sensatia is now introducing a new range of facial scrubs and facial masks to its collection.

Available in several formulas, products in this collection are designed to buff away impurities and help improve specific skin conditions. Cleopatra Rose is specially formulated for all skin types, while Unscented Sensitive is made to pamper sensitive and mature skin. Other choices in the offerings are Coconut & Vanilla for dry skin, Green Tea & Tamarind for combination skin, and Tea Tree & Lemon formulated for oily and acne-prone skin.

The facial scrubs are made using 100 percent natural exfoliants sourced from botanicals such as argan, walnut, apricot and clay. These earth-friendly ingredients slough away dead skin cells and can be safely washed away without disturbing rivers or marine life.


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