Master & Dynamic’s MH40

Possibly the ultimate tech gift for music-loving frequent flyers and commuters; meet Master & Dynamics’ stylish MH40 over-ear, wired, noise-isolating headphones. With a mature and classic design using leather, anodised and polished metals and with nine colour combinations plus a Zero Halliburton case option, the new MH40 headphones offer a dose of chic nostalgia backed by the sound and build quality the young boutique brand is renowned for.

With noise-isolating technology, the MH40 features soft-cushioned pads and is designed for prolonged use, making it ideal for long haul flights, the daily commute or even just lazing by the pool on your well-deserved break. With removable and replaceable ear pads made from memory foam wrapped in lambskin and a robust construction, the MH40 headphones are built to last.