Redefining Luxury and Comfort Driving

As the flagship model of the brand, the all-new BMW 7 Series brings the experience of luxurious and comfortable driving to a whole new level.

Since its official domestic market launch in 2008, more than 368,000 customers have purchased the BMW 7 Series and the brand is certain, according to the president director of BMW Group Indonesia, Karen Lim, that the sixth-generation, all-new BMW 7 Series will net even higher figures, especially because of it being “the best BMW 7 Series we have ever built”.
Globally, the BMW 7 Series was first introduced in 1977 as the world’s first vehicle to come fitted with an electronic speedometer and a Check Control display, displaying the brand’s true spirit of innovation. Sporting a number of other industry defining advancements, such as Germany’s first post-war 12-cylinder engine, Park Distance Control and L-Shaped rear lights, the BMW 7 Series has continued to inspire auto enthusiasts in the years since and kept setting new standards in terms of dynamics, safety, connectivity and design.

One of the most distinctive new feature standards is the inclusion of a two-axle self-leveling Air Suspension, which lets the luxury sedan models offer a notably superior ride comfort. The suspension is supplied with air by an electronic compressor with a pressure reservoir that individually controls the flow of air for each wheel, meaning that the suspension system can easily compensate for an unevenly distributed load. In essence, this means softer and more comfortable feel regardless of the road condition or the weight carried by the vehicle. The level control also allows manual control, which means the vehicle’s ride height can be raised, for example, when driving along a rough stretch of road, or in multi-story car parks with particularly steep ramps.

Thanks to the BMW EfficientLightweight technology, the weight of the all-new BMW 7 Series models is reduced by up to 130 kilograms compared to their previous-generation counterparts. At the centre of it all is the body structure that has a Carbon Core, a product of the transfer of technology from the development of BMW i vehicles. The all-new BMW 7 Series is the first vehicle in its segment in which industrially manufactured CFRP combines with steel and aluminium. The intelligent body concept uses this mixed-materials approach to increase the strength and rigidity of the passenger cell while, at the same time, significantly reducing vehicle weight.
With the clear structure and upright front end, the all-new BMW 7 Series radiates a feeling of charming confidence. The all-new 7 Series is also the first BMW to feature an Active Kidney Grille, including a beautifully visible air flap control. The air flaps are only open when there is an increased air cooling requirement, improving aerodynamics, contributing to lower CO2 emissions, as well as giving the front end an even more eye-catching appearance with the visibly increased number of bars in the large BMW kidney grille.

Moving on to the interior aspects, the BMW 7 Series’ design reflects a harmonious balance between dynamics and comfort. A modern and luxurious ambience offers unbeatable driving pleasure and an unimpeachable sense of well-being in the rear. The controls on the centre console are — like the interior trim strip — framed by fine wood or aluminium surfaces. Both the trim strips and the instrument panel’s chrome surround that border them are made individually for each vehicle; their dimensions are therefore precisely matched to the nearest millimetre.

The all-new BMW 7 Series will be available from market launch in two variants, the BMW 740Li Executive and the BMW 740Li Pure Excellence, providing two perfect selections for luxurious and comfortable driving experiences in stylish packages.