Redefining Natural Beauty

Exotic glamour is the focal point as nature’s allure is represented in these colorful prints set against a backdrop of lush greenery. As we express our yearning to return to Mother Nature’s embrace, the composition of patterns reminds us that elegance and nature are, in essence, one. 



Biasa lime green pantaloons onesies paired with a selection of Amari Kartini jewelry.

Biasa halter neck top and tie up skirt,  jewelry collection from Amari Kartini.



Pink graphic top and Pink tropic high waisted shorts from Natasha Gan worn with  tassle necklace,  selection of tassle bead bracelets from ShantyBu,  mixed with Smart Kartini bangles and rings. Shoes from Forever 21.

Miss Milne split cullotte onesies,  bracelet and tassle and bead necklaces are from ShantyBu,  rings from Amari Kartini.


Natasha Gan pleated dress
and a selection of Amari Kartini jewellery, Ebony fan from Mandapa shop.

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