Terrific Thirty

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, Plaza Indonesia presented a series of cool programmes that could be enjoyed by visitors in March. The first programme was the Amazing 30 Installation, where 20 talented Indonesian artists presented their own creative and artistic interpretations of the number 30 in the form of art installations showcased in many corners of Plaza Indonesia.

The Amazing 30 Installation included Bunga Keberuntungan by Nasirun, Prosperity 30 by Erica Hesty Wahyuni, Happy Moment by Indra Dodi, Yin Yang by Giring Prihatyasono, Berbunga-bunga by Putu Sutawijaya, The Real Heroes by Umbu Tanggela, Hidrotopi by Asmoadji and many more.

Another interesting programme that involved brilliant talents was the White Shirt Project, where 10 renowned Indonesian designers incorporated their fashion sense into the classic white shirt, each portraying the characteristics and signatures of the respective designers. The creations made up the 30 Years Plaza Indonesia limited edition collection, comprising fashionable and chic simplicity. The participating designers include Wilsen Willim, Amotsyamsurimuda, No’Om No’Mi, Priyo Oktaviana, Danjyo Hyoji, Auguste Soesastro and more.

“By inviting artists and fashion designers to contribute to Plaza Indonesia’s 30th anniversary, we hope we can encourage art workers to keep on creating, so that their works can inspire many people, especially Plaza Indonesia’s visitors,” said Zamri Mamat, Plaza Indonesia’s General Marketing Manager.

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