A busy lifestyle depletes the senses without you even being aware of it. In order to replenish mind, body and spirit, restore balance by surrounding yourself with the simple offering that Mother Nature has to offer. Ubud’s timeless beauty and deep spirituality allure travelers from near and far to reconnect with inner self by releasing the pressures of modern living. Managed by Ubud’s royal family, the spa continues to address the rejuvenation needs of seasoned travelers with a high-end menu of luxurious body and beauty rituals. The spa recently introduced a new range of signature treatments using local products that have been inspired by traditional Balinese wellness. Designed to harmonize with the natural environment, Royal Kirana Spa & Wellness includes a collection of treatment villas in a setting encompassed by tropical greenery and soothing water elements. Each villa is a private sanctuary for guests to indulge in a style that was once reserved for the privileged few.

The jewel of the spa’s crown is the Royal Ayung Villa that offers couples a temporary escape from the complications of the outside world. This exclusive retreat is blessed with stunning views of untouched hinterland terrain and features its own private plunge pool, hot and cold Jacuzzi, herbal mist sauna and a relaxation arbor. The Spa Garden is a tranquil environment for post-treatment time out as guests are invited to unwind and freshen up with a few extra hours of spa-styled pleasure. This area has two swimming pools, a Jacuzzi bath, saunas and changing rooms for both men and women. An additional six tastefully appointed Ayung Relaxation Villas and two Ayung Treatment Villas are scattered across the extensive grounds. There are also plans to launch a further six Ayung River Suites where guests will be able to enjoy classic Balinese therapies in a nurturing setting by the river. Dedicated to delivering high quality treatments and impeccable hospitality that is second to none, the inclusion of indigenous treatments and beauty products are in line with the spa’s philosophy of preserving Bali’s unique healing heritage.

To experience a variety of treatments with ample time to enjoy all the facilities offered by Royal Kirana’s villas, choose from one of their several packages designed especially for two. The ‘Prince & Princess’ package includes an indulgent two-hour Royal Balinese Massage. Combining gentle stretching, acupressure and aromatherapy using hibiscus oil to stimulate the flow of blood circulation, oxygen and Qi (energy), this traditional massage evokes the senses and brings deep relaxation for an overall feeling of wellness. Followed by a 60-minute Body Scrub, your skin is revived by the use of naturally sourced ingredients, including Royal Kirana’s signature natural oil, to exfoliate the skin and leave it feeling refreshed. Not quite finished yet, a final 60-minutes is offered to couples to relax in their own private villa spa, letting the treatments of the last three hours soak in so that the effects last as long as possible. For a complete ‘Beauty, Relaxation & Healing’ package, ‘Wind of Peace’ is designed to fit as much healing in a 4-hour period as possible. Starting with the Royal Healing Therapy, a 90-minute treatment referred to as ‘the ultimate healing therapy’, you will receive a balanced treatment to reduce muscle stress and tension patterns as well as clear away toxins and impurities by integrating specific techniques from both the Balinese deep tissue and detoxification therapies. To ensure you look as radiant as possible for that special evening out, the 60-minute Relaxing Facial involves a thorough cleansing, followed with the application of a mask to tranquilize the skin and expose it to different sensations – hot, cold and soft pressure. Moisture levels are rebalanced leaving the skin soft and radiant. Never ignoring the part of your body that does all of the thinking, a 30-minute Head Massage stimulates blood circulation, removes inner and outer stress as well as activates the brain.

Ensuring that the entire body is taken care of after a long day of shopping along Ubud’s Monkey Forest Road, Royal Kirana’s 60-minute Foot & Leg Massage concentrates on the lower legs and feet, from the toes to the knees. It is performed to stimulate blood circulation and softens the skin with a scrub and footbath. Gentle massage reduces fatigue and swelling as well as promotes smoother skin and removes tension not only from your feet but also the entire body. Although the island of Bali only continues to gain popularity among international travelers, Ubud remains a tranquil and cosmopolitan magnet for connoisseurs of the good life. The Royal Kirana Spa specializes in allowing the authenticity of Ubud to shine through while offering elegant, world class amenities in a setting found no where else in the world.