Li Feng

Located on the second floor of Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta, Li Feng offers authentic, lavish Cantonese cuisine in a culturally rich space, where one can enjoy exquisite culinary delights masterfully crafted to provide guests  with delicious and visually stunning delicacies with a pleasant modern twist. Decorated with knick-knacks and ornaments that were heavily traded in the archipelago back in the days of old Jakarta, such as glass art, oil paintings, sculptures and crystal chandeliers, Li Feng will take you back to the age of exploration and maritime trading, when new and exotic trade goods or delicacies were discovered every day. Some of the most recommended signatures include the beautifully presented deep-fried swan dumpling with black pepper duck meat, which is as arresting to behold as it is to enjoy, the sweet and sour chicken with pineapple and bell pepper, an impeccable plate that balances classic sweet and sour flavours with modern gastronomic flair, and braised Hele crab with Japanese rice in Hoisin sauce.