Your Sundays Best

Forget about exotic marble, gold-plated railings, or other decadent interior details. Sundays Beach Club has the most priceless backdrop that is unrivalled by swanky furniture or imported tiles: it has an undisturbed stunning stretch of Uluwatu’s white-sand beach. Entrenched in one of the most pristine corners of Uluwatu, Sundays Beach Club is where you come to make time wait for you, to forget about the unnecessary commotion of the outside world and to leave all your hassles behind.

With only the freshest ingredients, the restaurant at Sundays Beach Club serves an array of delectable dishes that range of local and international to fusion cuisine to accompany your unwinding escape. If you’re in the mood for some refreshing (or intoxicating) drinks, then the beach bar is ready to serve you the best tipple in the house with a sea view on the side.

The hosting resort, The Ungasan Clifftop Resort, recently announced a coveted collaboration with James Viles, prominent Australian chef and owner of the two-hatted Biota Dining in Bowral, New South Wales – which sees James working together with the kitchen teams for both The Ungasan Clifftop Resort and Sundays Beach Club. The partnership also sees local staff and the resort’s Head Indonesian Chef Marthada further honing their skills at Biota. With James’ knack for seeking out local ingredients and turning them into delectable, exceptional dishes, diners can now expect a fare of international, elevated flavours combined with a distinct dining experience.

Sundays Beach Club recently launched its first ever breakfast menu, which purveys light but fulfilling, and most importantly, healthy fare – perfect for the tropical atmosphere of Bali. This destination is a perfect place to spend a whole leisurely day, so you might want to kick it off with a bowl of bloomed chia for breakfast. Savour every spoonful of chia seeds with young coconut, mango and local honey, rich in micronutrients and fibre. If you want something more hefty and hearty, choose against the Breakfast Buns or the Breakfast Pizzas selections.

Don’t stop there as the lunch menu is even more varied with selections of light snacks, chilled salads, poke bowls, grilled dishes and more. For an authentic Indonesian experience, the Warung selection is a good place to start. Choose against the nasi goreng (fried rice), mie goreng (fried noodles) and lalapan ayam (spicy fried chicken). The Burger Bar and The Wood Oven selections are worth checking out too – the roast duck pizza is simply to-die-for.

Of course there are still desserts, cocktails, a wine selection and more to enjoy during your one-day getaway at Sundays Beach Club. What’s even better is that Sundays Beach Club is more than just delicious food and potent drinks. This is the place to splash around as you give kayaking, snorkelling or stand-up paddling a go, a place to kick back around a bonfire during sunset hours and to enjoy great performances of live music. Sundays Beach Club is the place to make every day feel like Sunday.

Sundays Beach Club

Jalan Pantai Selatan Gau, Ungasan

Bali 80362, Indonesia

T: (+62) 811 942 1110


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