Zero Motorcycles

Zero Motorcycles

With numerous real advantages and superb things to offer to its riders, the electric motorcycle is the new ‘it’ thing.

Kudos to science and technology and their rapid and breath-taking developments: a new breed of electric motorcycle, which offers countless advantages, has been invented. Owning an electric motorcycle, one will never have to buy gas, change engine-oil filters, lubricate choke cables and replace spark plugs again in one’s life – in the long run, all of these matters, considered trivial, will save money and energy. These are just a few obvious advantages that an electric motorcycle owner will gain.

Aiming to make people’s lives easier, motivated by the urge to save the environment and at the same time thrilled by the idea of riding a classy, powerful and fast motorcycle, Zero Motorcycles creates and manufactures super electric motorcycles that are efficient, speedy, fun to ride, light and, of course, eco-friendly. Two of Zero Motorcycles’ most top-notch products are the Zero S and the Zero SR:

A great combination of revolutionary technology and innovative motorcycle design, this street fighter is really something. The power and acceleration of the Zero S will take the breath away from whoever witnesses its performance. The owners of a Zero S motorcycle can boast that their baby can speed to more than 90mph and offer a city range of up to 185 miles with the Power Tank accessory (optional).

For the sake of greater capacity and range, this highly stylish motorcycle features advanced cell chemistry and battery management systems. With the ZF12.5 power pack, the Zero S can go beyond 150 miles and last for a very long time.

In terms of overall appearance, the Zero S is light, but solid and powerful. The bodywork’s tank section is built with a lockable and removable storage compartment. It uses an advanced Bosch anti-lock brake system for the most excellent braking performance. The tires on the Zero S are Pirellis. These tires provide excellent traction, perfect durability and high sensibility on the road. The dash of the Zero S displays accurate and useful information.

The Zero SR motorcycle would be a perfect choice for adrenaline lovers. The Zero SR is the enhanced version of the Zero S. Featuring a larger 660 amp motor controller that provides increased power and torque in the range of 25% and 56% respectively, the Zero SR is ready to bring on the challenge to those who are eager to ride faster and accelerate harder. It has an amazing capability to do zero to 60mph in less than four seconds with a top speed of over 100mph by using direct drive. Riding the Zero SR will guarantee a mind-blowing experience.

The features of the Zero SR are similar to those of the Zero S. It is elegant in style and strong. Using the best for every single part of the motorcycle, both the Zero S and Zero SR are the leading champions in speed, range and longevity in terms of electric motorcycles.

Zero Motorcycles are available in Jakarta, Indonesia, with PT. Garansindo Technologies the official distributor.  PT. Garansindo Technologies is a sister company of PT. Garansindo Inter Global, established in 2001 and positioned in the role of Supporting Automotive Industries. Since then, the business has developed and currently is expanding both domestically and overseas.

If you would like to know more about Zero Motorcycles, kindly visit or visit The Zero Motorcycles Flagship Showroom, Jalan Kemang Utara No. 28, Jakarta Selatan, T: (+62) 21 717 92049.

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