A Fusion of Luxury and Healthcare

COMO Metropolitan Singapore and Doctor Anywhere collaborate to launch COMO X MedSuites Holistic Health at COMO Orchard.

In a groundbreaking union of luxury hospitality and cutting-edge healthcare, COMO Hotels and Resorts, along with COMO Shambhala and Doctor Anywhere (DA), have launched a transformative medical wellness programme in the heart of Singapore. The collaboration introduces an array of personalised wellness solutions and state-of-the-art diagnostics under the banner of COMO x MedSuites Holistic Health, setting a new standard for integrated health and lifestyle offerings in the region.

Situated at the celebrated COMO Orchard, the city’s premier luxury lifestyle destination at 30 Bideford Road, this innovative venture marks a significant milestone in Singapore’s healthcare landscape. Over the past 18 months, COMO Orchard has evolved into a multifaceted hub for fashion, dining and wellness, epitomising sophistication and holistic living.

Central to this holistic experience is the newly established DA MedSuites, a subsidiary of Doctor Anywhere, spanning 1,115 sqm on the fifth floor. This premier medical centre is equipped with cutting-edge technology, providing advanced diagnostic and imaging services all under one roof. Guests can undergo comprehensive health screenings, augmented by detailed reports and personalised consultations with healthcare professionals, all complemented by a dedicated health concierge service.

The facility’s design, featuring 17 private pods and 3 VIP suites, embodies sophistication and tranquillity, ensuring optimal comfort and privacy for every guest. Beyond traditional health screenings, DA MedSuites offers a holistic approach to wellness, with on-site food and nutrition masterclasses promoting sustainable, healthy dietary habits.

However, the collaboration doesn’t stop there. Guests at DA MedSuites gain exclusive access to COMO Shambhala Singapore, renowned for its therapeutic wellness treatments. This includes a comprehensive range of amenities, such as a fully equipped gym, personalised training sessions with expert trainers, rejuvenating Pilates and Yoga classes, indulgent massages, and physiotherapy services. Moreover, guests can harness the rejuvenating power of AirPod™ hyperbaric chambers for enhanced cellular benefits, further enhancing their wellness journey.

This integration of luxury hospitality with cutting-edge healthcare services is a testament to COMO’s commitment to holistic wellbeing. By seamlessly blending state-of-the-art diagnostics with therapeutic wellness treatments, COMO x MedSuites Holistic Health sets a new standard for personalised wellness experiences, redefining the concept of luxury living in Singapore.

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