A Strong Refresher

Coffee aficionados rejoice, Kopi Sedap is now available to give you your daily caffeine intake!

It’s no secret that Indonesia is massive. Home to more than a quarter of a billion people, Indonesia is most commonly known as the ultimate tropical holiday destination in Southeast Asia, with 17,000 islands scattered around the archipelago. But many may not know that Indonesia is the fourth largest global producer of coffee beans. Funnily enough, Indonesia’s island of Java is also a name for a cup of coffee in the United States. This is because Indonesia was one of the first few places outside Ethiopia and Arabia to grow coffee in the 1800s.

While many older people prefer tea to coffee, Indonesia’s millennials from Sabang to Merauke have been opening new coffee shops to cater to the high demand for coffee. Kopi Sedap is Bali’s newest venue, offering quality premium coffees at affordable prices.

Located on Jalan Sunset Road, Kopi Sedap, better known as KoDap, offers a refreshing array of coffee and milk drinks priced between IDR15,000 and IDR23,000. The coffee drinks include Si Hitam Manis (cold brew espresso with palm sugar), Cinta Coklat (cold brew espresso with palm sugar and chocolate milk), Keingat Pandan (cold brew espresso with fresh milk and pandan syrup), Rayuan Pulau Kelapa (cold brew espresso with coconut milk and palm sugar) and Seviral Dalgona (dalgona coffee with fresh milk and palm sugar).

Non-coffee drinkers are not forgotten at KoDap, which also offers drinks such as Yu Zu Mari (yuzu dalgona with fresh milk and honey), Lembutnya Matcha (creamy matcha with fresh milk), Si Jealous (coconut milk with palm sugar and coffee jelly), Kusuka Ungu (taro powder with fresh milk and boba pearls) and Si Merah Merona (red velvet cream with fresh milk).

For greater customer satisfaction, drinkers can customise their KoDap order to their liking by adding extra toppings such as cendol (green rice flour jelly), flavoured syrups or scoops of ice cream.

Try the refreshing taste of KoDap by calling the hotline on (+62) 8777927099, or find Kopi Sedap on GoFood or Grab Food under the Nasi Sedap outlet.

Kopi Sedap

Ruko Sunset Indah I

Jalan Sunset Road No. 89 Kav. 1

Bali 80361, Indonesia

T: (+62) 8777927099