All That Glitters


Parisian Personalities
There is something about the effortless style of Parisian ladies that makes other women across the world jealous. But while almost every woman in Paris may be fashionable, each one has a unique style that reflects their inner cosmopolitan. For Cartier’s Paris Nouvelle Vague Collection, the jewellery institution has produced a series of stylish pieces that capture seven distinct moods of Parisian women through highly unique designs. “Nouvelle Vague” means “”New Wave,” and like that famous era of French cinema, this collection evokes emotion through iconoclastic, experimental designs. The seven different Parisian “characters” in the collection include “Emancipated,” representing determined professionalism, “Delicate” denoting demure femininity, “Glamorous” for the attention-seeking and “Impish” for the playful.

The Beautiful Road
Legendary Italian director Federico Fellini revolutionised the world of cinema with his masterfully composed films, such as 1954’s La Strada (The Road), each filled with stunning black and white imagery highlighting the beauty of Rome and its women. Italian watch and jewellery maker Chopard pays tribute to both his legacy and his aesthetic with their new La Strada Collection. Among the most beautiful of these new pieces is the La Strada Watch in 18-Carat Gold and Diamonds. Its alligator strap and mother-of-pearl dial on a case of 18-carat white gold recall the elegance of Italian cinema stars of the 1950s with its subtle feminine curves. It is a look further accentuated by  classic Roman numerals, a graceful combination of black and white colors as well as the watchcase with geometric lines that bring to mind the cobblestoned streets of Rome. There are also matching rings, earrings and necklaces.

Tying the knots
German jewellery designer Thomas Sabo is most famous for their extensive range of endearingly expressive charms, but they also produce numerous necklaces, rings and pendants that are perfect for reflecting the personality and philosophy of their wearers. One of the highlights of the Thomas Sabo Glam & Soul collection for Autumn-Winter 2013 is this series of “Love Knot” pieces. The knot design symbolises love that is so deeply intertwined that it knows no end or beginning. It is also considered a symbol of good luck in Chinese Feng Shui, making these pieces perfect for lovers of both Eastern and Western design.