The Art of Omakase

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Elevating Japanese cuisine to a new height, SHUN Omakase Counter is ready to tantalise the palates of distinguished diners in Bali. Honouring an age-old Edomae sushi tradition, this quaint dining spot promises a dining adventure like no other.

A hidden gem in Canggu, SHUN Omakase Counter is just waiting to be discovered amidst a bustling culinary scene. Brought to life by the prestigious Tavolo Group, this exclusive dining establishment promises an unmatched culinary experience that combines tradition with innovation.

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At the heart of SHUN’s allure is the cherished Japanese tradition of omakase – a culinary philosophy that celebrates the intimate bond between chef and guest. Originating in the bustling streets of Tokyo, omakase translates to I leave it up to you, embodying the unspoken trust and connection shared between those who prepare the food and those who enjoy it.

The history of omakase traces back to the Edo period in Japan, a time when sushi was born out of necessity and creativity. In an era before refrigeration, preserving fish was a challenge, leading sushi chefs to develop innovative techniques to enhance flavour and texture. Thus, the use of fresh, locally sourced seafood and rice seasoned with vinegar gave rise to the art of Edomae sushi.

Today, omakase represents the pinnacle of Japanese culinary craftsmanship – a symphony of flavours and textures orchestrated by the chef’s expertise and the freshest seasonal ingredients.

At SHUN Omakase Counter, this tradition is honoured and elevated, inviting diners to surrender their palates to the skilled hands of Chef Mark Jeremie Oliver and his team.

With reverence for the age-old Edomae sushi tradition with a twist, Chef Oliver infuses each dish with creativity, resulting in a harmonious blend of classic techniques and contemporary flair. Seated at the intimate eight-seat counter, guests embark on a sensory journey unlike any other.

Indulge in SHUN’s exclusive chef’s table experience, featuring a thoughtfully curated menu of 14 to 19 courses that showcase the finest Japanese cuisine. Using fresh ingredients flown in from Japan, every bite captures the essence of authentic Japanese flavours, from perfectly fresh sashimi to delectable sushi creations and expertly grilled seafood.

While enjoying the intimate chef’s table experience, diners are treated to a symphony of flavours and textures, expertly crafted to showcase the finest seasonal ingredients. As each dish is artfully prepared before their eyes, the counter becomes a stage where culinary mastery and personalised service converge.



For those seeking a secluded experience, SHUN offers a private enclave accommodating up to 10 guests for a more bespoke dining journey tailored to individual preferences. Remember to check out the drink menu to go with your meal. SHUN offers an excellent array of sakes and wines in addition to its signature cocktails and inventive takes on classic cocktails.

With SHUN Omakase Counter, Tavolo Group continues its legacy of bringing a curated lifestyle to Bali. Known for its innovative cuisine, SHUN is open Tuesday through Sunday for dinner only beginning at 6pm.

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SHUN Omakase Counter

Tamora Gallery Stage

Jalan Pantai Berawa

Bali 80361, Indonesia

T: (+62) 82322544642



IG: @shun.omakase