Asia Innovation

Italy redefines the modern sofa with Milan design firm Campeggi’s latest creation called the ‘Sosia’. Created by Emanuele Magini, the Sosia targets the person who is always seeking to change the way his or her home looks with nine different configurations to ensure a highly versatile scene to fit any spur of the moment whim. Incredibly comfortable as well, this multi-purpose wonder works as a bed, a sofa for two for movie night and even as a sleek changing room.

If you’re craving the good old days before digital photography, snap up the Fisheye Baby 110, a pocket size camera that uses 110 film. The Fisheye Baby has a 170-degree plastic fisheye lens and is available in two versions – basic and metal. Affordably priced and equally stylish, the metal version comes with additional bells and whistles including a PC flash adaptor, an f/8 aperture, 1/100 shutter or bulb mode, built-in view finder and multiple exposure capability.

Even your little ones feel the urge to travel in style and what better way to satisfy a little retail therapy while planning ahead, to make sure holiday travel plans run smoothly for the entire family. With an integrated white board and colored markers accessed via a sliding door, your mini Van Gogh will adore the Colored Suitcase by Ahsayane Studio Design, which not only looks good but provides a quick way to keep children entertained during long journeys.

Chanel is bringing back the fun in makeup this season through the introduction of fine shimmer in their newest makeup. During the cool autumn months, replicate the beauty and natural glow of summer’s sunkissed skin with earth tones such as bronze, gold and copper. Browse through the alluring collection and rediscover the beauty of glam makeup that works from day to evening.