Côte D’Azur – France


Also known as the French Riviera, Côte d’Azur literally means the azure coast, inspired by the self-explanatory vistas that make the region a coveted holiday destination. Home to a number of the world’s most popular picturesque attractions, a holiday in the Côte d’Azur should be taken at a leisurely pace. Don your chicest tropical frock and most comfortable walking shoes and get ready to be enchanted by every inch of the Côte d’Azur. While the capital of the French Riviera, Nice, is the largest and most popular town in the region, do visit other captivating destinations in the area.

While the city of Cannes is synonymous with one of the most awaited film events of the year, there’s so much more to it than just celebrities and paparazzi. The coastal town has a perfect balance of glitz and glamour, as well as cultural and historical charms. La Croisette beach promenade, for example, will take you through a series of architectural wonders with Belle Epoque-era buildings entwined with newer, contemporary establishments.

Zigzag along the cobbled road of Rue St. Antoine all the way to the charming Le Suquet and take your time at the Musée de la Castre if a cultural visit to a museum is your thing. You can also check out the Marché Forville to see the vibrant scene at the best local market in Cannes.


Stay in style with opulent hotels, such as the Carlton Cannes, a Regent Hotel. The hotel is not only grand in size and design but also historical, having stood the tests of time since 1911. While it has gone through several rebrands, its class and quality persevere. In true Cannes fashion, the hotel also has played a cameo in Hollywood’s legendary films and music videos.

Another star-studded destination in Côte d’Azur is Saint-Tropez. The small fishing village has come a long way, now known as the holiday home of the rich and famous. Looking like something off a postcard, the colourful town is vibrant in a serene way, showcasing darling cafés, scenic residences and an idyllic harbour where the yachts are moored.

Dubbed Europe’s Hamptons, a holiday in Saint-Tropez is meant to be conspicuous – truly the place to see and be seen. The town’s fame might have something to do with it being where Mick Jagger married Bianca Jagger, where artist Henri Matisse found his muse, where Coco Chanel went on vacation in the 1920s, or where Brigitte Bardot starred in the film And God Created Woman. So, it’s only natural that a celebrity sighting is daily occurrence here.


Bask in a true European summer and lose yourself in an elusive escapade at Airelles Saint Tropez, Pan Deï Palais hotel. The iconic mustard-coloured boutique hotel was built based on a 19th century love story between a British general and an Indian princess, a story that you discover upon staying there. Surrounded by pine woods and verdant hills leading to Saint-Tropez Bay, each spot in this hotel is simply divine and very classy.