Dominik Hengge – Hotel Manager at Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta

A seasoned hotelier who started in the rooms and operations divisions, Dominik Hengge arrived in Jakarta bringing his almost 20 years of hospitality experience. More than that, he’s in charge of one of the city’s most prominent landmarks, Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta. We talked to Dominik about his stories, as well as his exciting new position.

Dominik Hengge

Q: Your career spans over 17 years in the luxury hospitality industry, with significant experience in rooms operation. How has your journey from being a receptionist to a hotel manager shaped your perspective on guest service and hotel management?
A: It’s been a very rewarding journey and has taught me many valuable lessons – the key lesson is that the hotel business is truly a people business. You work with different types of people, backgrounds and cultures every day, both guests and colleagues. This has helped me to perceive the industry in a way that pushes you to be adaptable and to be determined to constantly engage with others for them to feel seen and understood.  

Q: As the hotel manager of Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta, what are your primary responsibilities, and how do you ensure the highest standards of quality, service and guest satisfaction on a daily basis?
A: I oversee daily operations of our property and I ensure that I am always there when colleagues or guests need me – to be helpful to others rather than to control everything. Being visible this way, you can obtain feedback and observe how things run to see whether it’s smooth or not. So, this involves constant face-to-face encounters with the team and guests across the property. 

Q: You’ve worked in various countries and cultures, including Germany, the UK, India, Thailand and the US. How do you leverage your multicultural background to connect with guests and create memorable experiences in Jakarta?
A: This goes back to the first question of how this industry, whether you are a hotel manager or a receptionist, allows you to come across all sorts of people from different walks of life. A luxury hotel such as the Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta does not just serve the local demographic but rather the international guests as well. With that being said, my experience helps me share certain insights with my team as well for them to expand their horizons. 

Q: With your MBA degree in hotel and hospitality management, how do you apply your academic knowledge to drive innovation and strategic growth at Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta?
A: It has changed the way I approach problems in the workplace. It has also given other types of solutions or ideas to a challenge that came to mind solely since I was writing an assignment rather than immediately acting on a situation happening in real-time. Being able to take a moment to assess certain challenges or individuals, gave me new directions to better a situation. Slow and steady wins the race, and that goes to very real-life situations at work as well as approaching it with realistic expectations.

Q: Looking ahead, what are your goals and aspirations for Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta  and how do you plan to lead the hotel to new heights of success and excellence in the hospitality industry?
A: The main objective will be to ensure that we continue to deliver on our brand promise of legendary service. This includes continuously challenging our team, developing and nurturing them to reach further. This involves teaching them, including myself, to always be a student and learn about new trends and insights of the luxury hotel industry and always aim to push the bar higher.

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