Meet the designers – Hansel


Whimsical, playful, cheeky and flirty are just a few of the words that can describe the style of Hansel. Launched during the Mercedes Australian Fashion Week in 2003, the label, created by Singaporean designer Jo Soh and inspired by her beloved Jack Russell terrier, is now a household name. The casual yet quirky designs have even charmed international artists like Katy Perry. She also launched a diffusion line called Hello Hansel in 2011, which targets young and carefree women in search of everyday casual wear with bold prints and colours. Her general fun and retro take on casual women’s wear, with a striking balance between modern and vintage designs, has made her one of the pillars of Singapore’s fashion style. Today, the Hansel collection is available from its flagship store and from multi-label boutiques at the Mandarin Gallery in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia and the USA.