Movies: What to Watch

Yes, the Oscars have passed, that doesn’t mean that we can’t revisit the outstanding movies who found glory in this year’s award shows. Those who haven’t watched the movies can make the most of our top 5 list.



Another dose of Baz Luhrman’s usual flashy musicals, the movie was quite a sleeper hit in the awards circle, thanks to Austin Butler’s fantastic performance as the title character. Butler went more than just acting as the King – he totally transformed into Elvis Presley himself. His walk, his dance, his glances and his voice are an embodiment of Presley. In addition, the retelling of the supposedly glittery life of this music’s renowned figure through his dark backstories really makes this one worth the watch.

The Fabelmans

With a resume that is decorated with multiple awards and billions of dollars in revenue, pop culture legend Steven Spielberg finally crafted his most personal work. The movie tells the story of young Sammy Fabelman, a young film buff who aspires to become a filmmaker, as he deals with the undying support and challenges from his whole family. It’s not rocket science to see that it’s a personification of Spielberg’s own life and career – which makes it intriguing to observe.

Everything Everywhere All at Once
This year’s big winner is an extraordinary genre-bending story that tries to blend in family drama with science fiction, wrapped in the most sophisticated presentation. It managed to win everybody’s hearts through original idea, honest storytelling, and wonderful performances. The movie stands alone in this obscure world of cinema and clearly doesn’t really care about its bizarre appearance. After all, everybody, everywhere, all at once, got what it means.

The Whale

Mostly known as Brendan Fraser’s return into quality projects and mainstream circle, the family drama has everything that Darren Aronofsky is best at, mainly the extreme polars in a crashing relationship between a parent and their child. Aronofsky’s recurring theme is represented by the morbidly obese Charlie who is stuck in depression and eating himself to death, but also wishes to connect with his estranged daughter for one last time.

The Banshees of Inisherin

It takes a very open mind and zero expectations when going into this one, because this movie is an acquired taste. Within its simplicity and nothingness lies a sleeping greatness. The movie only tells a story about one person’s decision to stop being friends with another, and all hell breaks loose. Instead of a climactic explosion, the poignancy burns slowly, revealing layers of actions and reactions, as well as complex human emotions.


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