Thai I Love You

Togetherness Best Enjoyed With Authentic Thai Cuisine

Cherish the bond and capture the moment by taking a culinary journey into exquisite Thai cuisine at Thai I Love You.

Following a huge success in serving authentic Thai cuisine for more than 16 years, The Jittlada Group has finally opened another Thai restaurant, called Thai I Love You, in the Central Park mall.

To maintain a consistency in serving the best, Thai I Love You selects only the freshest ingredients prepared with secret recipes brought directly from Thailand for its irresistible dishes. Spring rolls and fluffy catfish with mango salad, for example, are two piquant appetizers. Served with the famous Bangkok chilli sauce, the spring rolls will immediately arouse the appetite. The mango salad coated with catfish may not look too pleasant from the outside, but not long after grabbing a bite, diners will realise that the dish is hard to resist. The catfish’s crispiness and the sour mango salad are a perfect combination.

Excellent appetizers are only the beginning. High-in-demand main courses at Thai I Love You include Garlic and Pepper Beef and Morning Glory with Shrimp. The beef’s tenderness and secret tasty sauce as an accompaniment will leave taste buds asking for more. The Morning Glory is perhaps the most popular dish at Thai I Love You.

Served with grilled terasi for a pleasant smell, even those who are not fans of vegetables will absolutely love this exquisite dish. Enjoying Thai cuisine is not complete without the famous Tom Yum soup; one of the favourites at the restaurant is Tom Yum Goong.

Thai I Love You presents a contemporary concept. Cement, bricks and wood form the restaurant’s typical characteristics. All guests are treated as if they were coming into your own home, the CEO of The Jittlada Group, Lucky Soebyantoro, believes. Adorned with Thai ornaments, Thai I Love You reflects Lucky’s passion for Thai arts. The restaurant is best visited with friends or family.