Ayung Resort Ubud


Not everyone has the luxury of escaping to an exclusive spa retreat for days on end, so why not take advantage of the thoughtfully conceptualised three-hour “Ultimate Retreat” spa package at Ayung Resort Ubud, a tranquil resort sanctuary located along the Ayung River in Ubud.

Upon entering the lush, gated entry and arriving at the richly appointed lobby, decorated with recognised works of art and sculptures, an attendant whisks you away toward the riverside Dewi Sri Spa on a comfortable golf cart.  Stone pathways meander along a verdant rainforest landscape and past ornately carved joglo style villas. A traditional Balinese temple entrance leads you along the Ayung River, showcasing pristine river valley views that lull you into the relaxed pace of Ubud’s mystical energy. The soothing scents of lemongrass, lavender and vanilla greet you along with a smiling receptionist who serves you a stylish mug of ginger tea.

Your toughest decisions of the day? Choosing the right massage oil from an alluring selection of pure botanical combinations: ‘Divine Peace’ is a calming mixture of sweet almond oil, geranium, Balinese cempaka and lavender designed to dissolve stress and induce relaxation; ‘Spice’ is a harmonising and detoxifying blend of sweet almond, black pepper, sage, marjoram and ginger oils along with eucalyptus while ‘Recharge’ features a heady combination of sweet almond, rosemary, vanilla and chamomile designed to enhance mood stability and boost mental activity. For the body scrub, an easier choice of coffee or turmeric powder is offered. Coffee is packed with anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties while turmeric is a centuries-old beauty enhancer that is renowned for reducing wrinkles and combatting acne.

Your cosy double treatment suite features those fabulous carved joglo walls, delicately hand-painted Balinese puppets, hand-woven ikat textiles, exquisite stone flooring and two contemporary bathtubs. Your therapist gives you a few minutes to change into a soft cotton ikat bathrobe and leads you to a comfortable chair where the foot ritual takes place. She adds a scoop of large salt crystals into a wooden bowl filled with warm water where they melt with a few drops of peppermint essential oil. Your calves are gently massaged and feet exfoliated with a finer grain of sea salt. You lie face down on a comfortable massage table where a full body massage begins with three interactive deep breaths, your therapist stretching the spine and lower back with each exhalation. A combination of rolling and kneading motions along with long strokes and the traditional applications of foot reflexology and acupressure seduce your physical and mental wellbeing into an undeniable state of overall relaxation.

Utilising a fine paste made from the powdered turmeric, your full body scrub begins with a thorough coating from the collarbone to the tips of your toes. The mixture is allowed to dry for a few minutes before the therapist deftly rubs your skin in smooth circular motions, rubbing most of the paste off, but leaving a fine layer on to ensure that every square inch will be rendered soft and glowing. Now that the body has been exclusively pampered, it’s time to give your delicate facial skin the same devoted attention. Featuring the glamorous and effective Decléor spa product line from France, revered for its holistic approach to beauty based on natural ingredients, your face is gently cleansed, scrubbed, extracted and massaged. A calming mask is not only applied to your face, but also to your entire body, designed to seal in the moisture. Once rinsed, you glide gracefully to a deep bathtub filled with fresh flowers and bath salts. A vivid red detox juice is delivered to you bath-side and you are encouraged to take your time before getting dressed; ready to venture out into the real world with a renewed sense of purpose and a visibly healthy glow.

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