Thanks to the development of top-of-the-line Pentastar engine, the new Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland and Grand Cherokee Limited delivers heavy duty performance at a more efficient rate.

The Most Awarded SUV Has Never Been This Efficient; The 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0L Limited & Overland.  First launched in 2011, the Grand Cherokee Jeep, chassis-coded WK2, has garnered more than 40 awards in the United States alone thanks to constant improvement and refinement from a design, safety and comfort standpoint. Along with other annual accolades, including the Consumers Digest’s “Best Buy”, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s “Top Safety Pick” and Four Wheeler magazine’s “Four Wheeler of the Year”, the Grand Cherokee Jeep is now known as the Most Awarded SUV Ever.

Under PT Garansindo Inter Global, the Indonesian automotive market saw the Grand Cherokee WK2 Jeep for the first time in 2011 with the Limited 3.6L and Overland 5.7L. In 2013, a facelifted version became available with the arrival of the Grand Cherokee Summit Jeep with a 3.6L V6 Pentastar engine and the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT with a 6.4L V8 HEMI engine.

But the brand’s latest contributions to Indonesia’s premium SUV 4×4 market in Indonesia are the two new variants from the Grand Cherokee Jeep line-up, which now uses an even more efficient 3.0L V6 Pentastar engine. The Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 3.0L and Overland 3.0L are the new flagship products of Jeep emphasizing luxury and comfort and a legendary 4×4 capability, along with elegant and sturdy builds. The Grand Cherokee Jeep offers efficiency, comfort, luxury and off-road capability in one sophisticated package.

Thanks to the cutting-edge 3.0L V6 Pentastar engine, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is more efficient than ever without compromising any of its driving power whatsoever. Like other previous Pentastar engine models, this engine uses a 60-degree tilted die-cast aluminium cylinder block with a six-cylinder enforcing block to reduce noise, vibration and harshness, which leads to a far more comfortable driving experience overall. The 3.0L V6 Pentastar engine is capable of dishing out 230 horsepower at 6,000rpm and a maximum torque of 280Nm at 4,400rpm.

All this heavy duty power comes at a fuel consumption rate of a mere 8km per litre and 12.5km per liter measured outside the city and 9.8km per litre combined.

Each variant of the Jeep Grand Cherokee comes with a very alluring and luxurious design. The Grand Cherokee’s top grill is positioned slightly lower with a leaner front headlight, allowing for a sleeker, more sophisticated look. The front-lower fascia is slightly elevated, giving the fog lights more exposure and penetration capability.

Designed to deliver superbly comfortable driving performances, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited and Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland come with very attractive 20 inch rims. In addition, each variant also comes equipped with a sophisticated TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System).

The interiors of the Jeep Grand Cherokee scream luxury, sophistication and precision. There is an 8.4-inch touchscreen panel at the dashboard that controls a number of intuitive functions. Just below the screen is an easily readable radio and air temperature controller that seamlessly lets you tailor your immediate driving environment. The smooth, leather-finished E-shifter lever is located at the centre and controls the Jeep’s eight-speed transmission selector.

The steering wheel is an iconic three-barred, wood and leather-clad piece of art. The two variants of the Jeep Grand Cherokee come with paddle-shift levers behind the steering wheel, perfectly in sync with the seven-inch multi-configuration instrument panel in front. Both the Grand Cherokee Limited and Grand Cherokee Overland include other impressive features such as Natura-plus leather, ventilated seat warmers with memory front seats, pored wooden trimmings and copper accents in black or Jeep brown.

To please the general car audio buffs out there, these Jeeps include a nine-speaker Alpine with 825 watts of output power. The audio peripherals include a 12-channel amplifier and three strategically placed subwoofers, ensuring a truly immersive surround-sound audio quality. The Summit variant also comes with CommandView dual-pane sunroof with power sunshade.


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