Savouring Oriental Delights

Eight Treasures is a refined, beautifully curated restaurant where great emphasis is placed on the appreciation and pampering of guests.

Serving a hearty, healthy and delicious à la carte steamboat menu, diners can not only sate their taste buds on the highest quality ingredients, but boost their health and well-being with the meticulously prepared, gourmet broths that are complemented by health-promoting herbs celebrated by the Chinese for centuries.

Inspired by traditional Chinese folklore, every aspect of the interior design has a story to tell. A fresh, modern eye has been used to create a welcoming, plush, stylish venue that is contemporary Chinese in theme, with ample daylight and gorgeous decor.

A grand walkway leads guests to the dining room and adjoining spacious private rooms. A laser-cut wooden trellis hugs the walls, colourful blossoms and Chinese lanterns hang from the ceiling and natural light softly illuminates the area.

The carpet, as with other furnishings, is custom-made and unique, bringing an ancient Chinese flower design into modern times. A gold panel in one corner of the dining room is hand-painted in the traditional style and all the lampshades – modern interpretations of lilies and traditional Chinese lanterns – are made from copper rods. The wall-to-ceiling windows allow for the day and night lighting in the restaurant to create different moods.

Flower arrangements, with flashes of red, kumquats and blossoms, provide focal points around the room, and the legend of the four beauties, dressed in traditional dress but with features resembling today’s film stars, is depicted along a feature wall.

The restaurant has booth seating, square and round tables with comfortable, custom-designed chairs, creating a space where people love to share time with friends and family, basking in the oriental ambience.

Every diner has their own personal ornate silver or bronze steam pot and burner and the menu offers an extensive range of the highest quality ingredients to make your steamboat meal perfect. The signature Shark Cartilage Soup is brewed for over 12 hours and is smooth, creamy and rich in collagen, while the signature Szechuan Mala Spicy Soup is an in-house interpretation of the classic spicy broth and is highly nutritious, flavourful and fragrant with pungent undertones.

Bring out the unique flavour of the broths with a selection of ocean-fresh sea treasures – including deep-fried fish maw, golden coin shark’s fin, US coral clams and live seafood – Iberico and US Kurobuta pork, black chicken, US Angus prime short ribs, wagyu beef, home-made dumplings and garden-fresh vegetables. From the vegetables placed in smart wooden boxes, to the meat hung over dry ice on a pole, to the spoon stands, everything is thoughtfully presented with style.

The dipping sauce is a rich, balanced taste sensation incorporating peanuts, sesame, wasabi and Szechuan pepper, among other things, and gives an added depth to the flavours. Additional chopped chillies, garlic and other condiments are provided for you to tweak the sauce to your own preference.

Eight Treasures focuses on both the culinary and visual senses to give its customers an experience that feels both prosperous and blessed and it is highly popular with diners of all ages.

Eight Treasures
Plaza Indonesia, South Gate, 4th floor,
Jalan M.H.Thamrin No. 28 – 30,
Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta 10350, Indonesia
T: (+62) 21 2992 3129