Worth Waiting For: 2023

A sneak peek at some of the most exciting all-new SUVs set to hit the showrooms next year.

Alfa Romeo Tonale

Swimming in a sea of luxury-subcompact crossovers, the Alfa Romeo Tonale is billed as a vehicle of both beauty and substance. It boasts graceful lines, and, as Alfa Romeo’s first plug-in-hybrid model, it has green appeal too. Whilst not world-beating, the 272 BHP plug-in-hybrid powertrain offers more than enough power for daily use and is paired with an auto-box that is smooth and driver-friendly. With space enough for five and luggage, a luxury interior, and a decent hoard of on-board goodies, it will have broad family appeal.



New for 2023, the latest addition to BMW’s bulging SUV line-up will be the somewhat futuristic, performance-oriented, BMW XM. With styling and tuning by the much-vaunted M division, the 644 BHP plug-in hybrid powertrain gets its muscle from the marque’s proven twin-turbocharged V-8. Early indications are that, with a fully charged battery, there is about 300 miles of electric-only driving.

Inside and out, the XM has an aggressive design with gaping kidney-shaped grille openings, stacked tailpipes, and a slightly sloped roof. In purely aesthetic terms, the design is a giant step-change and not the gradual evolution we have come to expect from manufacturers. Will it sell? You bet it will, and if the 644 BHP version is not enough, there’s a whopping 750 BHP model on the horizon.


Mercedes-Benz EQE

The EQE continues the exciting chapter in Mercedes’ design identity and drive towards electric vehicles and sustainable motoring. The EQE is built on the same chassis as the EQS, albeit a more compact variant, and will be available in EQE 350 and AMG EQE models. The EQE 350 will have a single rear-mounted motor generating 288 BHP, while the AMG EQE will use two electric motors, one motor on the rear axle and one up front, and deliver a whopping 617 BHP and 677 BHP on the AMG Dynamic Plus. A 90.6-kWh lithium-ion battery will be used in both vehicles, giving respectable driving ranges of over 300 miles (EQE 350) and 250 miles (AMG EQE) from a full charge.