An Exquisite Celebration of Excellence

Honoring the phenomenal growth of Indonesia’s fine culinary scene, Exquisite Publishing invited its most valuable partners and friends to join in a wonderful celebration at Jakarta’s first independent fine dining restaurant, Cassis French Fine Dining. Held on 26th November, 2014, guests began the evening by enjoying delicious canapés and a collection of fine Beringer Wines from one of the finest wineries of the Napa Valley, after which they indulged in an extraordinary gastronomic experience prepared by Jakarta’s one and only full-time resident Michelin star chef, Jerome Laurent.

The six-course degustation dinner was accompanied by wine pairings carefully crafted and selected for an exquisitely perfect culinary experience served in Schott Zwiesel’s exceptional wine glasses. The evening saw the crème-de-la-crème of society and professionals from the hospitality, finance and fashion sectors enjoying wonderful food, exceptional wine and delightful association. The special guests of the evening were some of Indonesia’s finest celebrity chefs and culinary figures, including big names such as William Wongso, Petty Elliot, Farah Quinn, Gilles Marx, Mandif Warokka and Vindex Tenker.