BMW 4 Series – The Sign of Four

Recently updated, the new BMW 4 Series has received improvements to its style, design and technology that have further enhanced its already class-leading appeal.

Graceful proportions and alluring bodywork have long been the mark of BMW and the new BMW 4 Series continues to build on that heritage with a range that boasts a temptress of a convertible, an athletic coupe and a spacious and elegant Gran Coupe. Available in various trim levels and designed for those who value quality, comfort, performance and style, the new BMW 4 Series is built to impress.

The Coupe
The BMW 4 Coupe is the sportiest of the models and benefits from the aggressive interior and exterior styling of the M Sports trim. With a low centre of gravity and excellent weight distribution, the coupe is a real driver’s car, but one that remains extremely comfortable and reasonably practical.

For an exhilarating drive, the BMW M4 Coupe with its motorsport DNA is sensational, but as an all-round day to day car, the BMW 440i Coupe M Sport is our choice. With excellent handling and a three-litre engine paired to a smooth 8-speed automatic transmission, the 440i reaches 60mph in just 5 seconds, on its way to a limited top speed of 155mph.

The Convertible
The new BMW 4 Series Convertible looks good, very good. The elegant lines, long bonnet and low silhouette suggest a sporting dynamism that is matched by the sweet marriage of smooth power and slick handling. The all-weather hardtop can be opened and closed
while driving at low speed, so you don’t have to stop, and, like the rest of the range,
it comes crammed with tech based around BMW’s highly regarded and intuitive infotainment system.

With leather sports seats and leather multifunctional steering, it provides a driver orientated experience which can be enhanced by options like the Head Up Display.

The Gran Coupe
The new BMW 4 Gran Coupe beautifully combines panache and racy elegance with four-door practicality, but without sacrificing any of the car’s driver appeal or sleek looks. From the striking double kidney grille flanked by LED headlights, all the way to the rear redesigned two-piece LED lights that add poise and emphasise the body’s width, the design retains the characteristic sweeping lines of the Coupe and its athletic presence.

The interior offers sophistication and sportiness fused with modern functionality and is crafted from high-quality materials tailored perfectly to meet the driver’s needs. The new BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe offers all the fun, style and comfort, but with more than a touch of added convenience.

With outstanding reliability and world-class build-quality, the new BMW 4 Series is a driver-centric car that will appeal to those who enjoy the thrill of driving but also demand a high degree of refinement.

Asia Dreams August – October 2019