Meet the designers – Ong Shunmugam


One of the most original home-grown fashion labels around, with a local twist, is Ong Shunmugam. This brand is best known for creating modern, local, contemporary and wearable interpretations of traditional women’s wear – from cheongsam, sari to samfu – and was founded by Malaysian Priscilla Tsu-Jyen Shunmugam. Staying true to its Asian roots, the label not only modernizes traditional Asian silhouettes and batik prints, but every Ong Shunmugam piece is made in Asia. Most of the pieces are one-offs or produced in limited quantities. However, the collection is relevant for everyday women who value quality, good craftsmanship and fit over aesthetics. Priscilla Shunmugam is a true talent with a mission to challenge the Asian outlook on modern and traditional fashion.