Mott 32

A celebration of modern Hong Kong, Mott 32 is the city’s fine-dining Chinese restaurant that tells the story of a history-rich basement found in an important bank building, depicting how it has transitioned through the context of time.

Once a leftover storage facility for family heirlooms forgotten by wealthy Chinese immigrants, then staff quarters for bank employees and guards, this basement-turned-restaurant honours pieces of history that have been left behind organically. Think silk-embroidered walls, rustic metal chains and globe-like lighting.

The process of design was to unearth these clues layer by layer to expose an authentic narrative for diners and, as such, the objects found in the space are clues to the larger political and social history of Hong Kong. This inspiring design is the work of famed Hong Kong architect Joyce Wang, thus her own signature, luxurious touches can also be seen throughout, like striking skylights and shimmering copper hues.