Solidarity in the Time of Pandemic

Exquisite Media provided support to struggling communities with the distribution of staple goods.

The widespread impact of the current pandemic on struggling communities inspired Exquisite Media to help those in need during this ongoing situation. The Exquisite Media team prepared packages to share, comprising staple goods like rice, cooking oil, instant noodles, kids’ formula, UHT milk and face masks.

About 250 packages were distributed in five areas in Bali, where the recipients had been pre-registered and briefed to ensure the distribution process remained safe. The recipients, all of whom were wearing masks, maintained organised queues and kept a safe distance from one another.

Exquisite Media Founder Lenny Marlina Tanu explained, “We are praying for everyone’s safety and good health, and that the situation will pass soon. However, at the same time, we want to encourage people to contribute to the communities, especially in a difficult time like now. We hope more people will be inspired to create a charity or a corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme to help those in need.”

Exquisite Media’s previous CSR activities include distributing 200 packages of staple goods to online motorbike taxi drivers, garbage collectors, the underprivileged, buskers, cleaners and more in April, as well as sending support to communities affected by the earthquake in Lombok in 2018.

The social effort received a positive response from recipients, who showed their appreciation for the goodwill gesture. During distribution, Lenny and her team also campaigned for necessary actions to reduce the pandemic, including social distancing, wearing masks, not leaving the house unless it is urgent, washing hands, and maintaining self-hygiene.

“Many people were really grateful for the support to get through this difficult situation. We want to encourage anyone who can to help those people who have lost their jobs, who can’t afford to support their families, who have had to close their businesses because of the pandemic, to make their lives easier,” Lenny said. “We’re also asking communities to participate in supporting the government’s efforts to end this pandemic.”