The Video Virtuoso

Those who follow Exquisite Media on social media must have seen our Savouring in Style fashion editorial video campaign. Now meet the brilliant eyes behind the video, Vincentius Limawan. Having a penchant for art and drawing since he was young, Vincent’s interest expanded to moving images and animation technology, which led to him studying motion graphics. However, he shifted to videography because the field allows him to meet many people and learn from them. 

Vincentius Limawan

When it comes to creating video content, Vincent’s biggest passion is in fashion. “I can express myself a bit more freely in in fashion. In addition, I see fashion videos that collaborate with art, architecture, culinary, and lifestyle. I think it’s very interesting. There is a lot of imagination that can be poured into fashion film.”

Vincent draws inspiration mostly from paintings, animations, movies, poems, dreams, as well as his and other people’s experiences. His curiosity and resilience have led him to a stellar career. “Curiosity makes us go far, and resilience keeps us going. Those two points work well with consistency.”

His journey in videography has taken him to a journey of incredible experiences, including travelling to France to shoot a wedding, filming one of the famous and legendary models Jane Hitchcock, and working alongside Argentinian videographer/filmmaker Emi Arganaraz.

Asia Dreams Volume 47

Vincentius Limawan