Authentic Italian Up High


Among the different races of people who walk this good Earth, Italians are probably one of the most passionate about their food. For most Italians, cuisine is like a religion – most people spend plenty of time and energy to learn and perfect their cooking, and for some, it is even considered to be a lifelong journey. 

In Italy, they say, “La miglior cucina comincia dal mercato” (The best cuisine starts from the market). It is not rare to find a chef chatting with his diners about ingredients, which often become cause for debate. “Arugula is not yet in season. But oh, Signora Maria has more sun in her backyard, and her chickens give her a marvellous fertilizer,” are very common types of discussion considered casual in the life of Italians.

Some dishes are so highly dependent on the availability of ingredients that they are only available for a short window of time, when ingredients are at their peak. For instance, vignarola is a stew consisting of artichokes, peas and fava beans. But chefs only make it for a few weeks each spring during a perfect storm of seasonality, when everything is bursting with flavour. One year, an early spring brought mass confusion in Rome, as old-timers couldn’t remember ever seeing vignarola on the menu before Easter.

Four Seasons Jakarta’s Executive Chef Marco Riva is a devout follower of this cuisine religion. His responsibility encompasses any and all things food within Jakarta’s latest luxury hotel, but the most succulent fruit of his passion can be found at the hotel’s newest F&B venue: Alto Restaurant & Bar. Featuring authentic recipes exclusively created by Chef Marco inspired by his vast experience, the Italian food at Alto reaches for perfection like no other.

In addition to authentic Italian cuisine with a modern twist, the setting of Alto Restaurant & Bar makes for an exceptional dining experience. The space is dominated with bold interior colours and the restaurant’s interior styling is sleek and modern – an aesthetically pleasing work of art worthy of its prestigious location at the Four Seasons Jakarta.

Guests can look forward to dining in a sensuous space with an exotic feel – rich, layered textures, enveloping deep tones of red and soft ochres – natural earthy colours – complemented with polished woods. Taking full advantage of its location high up on the 20th floor, the glass windows of this penthouse-level restaurant capture a stunning panoramic view of the city sky-rise and landscape.

Alto Restaurant & Bar also understands that the best way to enjoy such magnificent scenery is outside of a window. Therefore, the chic Italian bistro is equipped with an outdoor terrace, that lets diners enjoy an unrivalled city view with comfortable sofas for a truly blissful experience. An exclusive bar specially servicing the restaurant is also operational with premium cocktails and the finest Italian wine – making it perfect for cocktail hours or aperitivo. For a more enclosed and private setting, a private dining room is accessible for occasions involving up to 10 people.


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