Bill Bensley


His landscape design projects have been described as ‘works of art’ and he is widely considered the #1 spa designer in Asia.

He has been listed as one of the top 100 architects (and most creative people) in the world. He also just happens to be one of Asia’s foremost designers of tropical resorts as noted by anyone whose anyone in the industry. We were honored to share five minutes of Bill Bensley’s time, undoubtedly one of the busiest men in paradise, and we are thrilled to share never before published images of his latest spa project: Coqoon Spa at the Indigo Pearl Resort in Phuket.

ASIA DREAMS: You have been designing resorts in Asia for almost thirty years now. What is your secret to continually coming up with fresh and innovative design concepts?

BENSLEY: Easy, I never design two resorts with the same style.

ASIA DREAMS: When a resort developer first approaches you, what’s your initial method for drawing inspiration for the project?

BENSLEY: First, I listen intently to my client’s dreams. From there I look at Mother Nature and the cultural neighborhood. I buy all the books I can find on the subject, from poetry to art to architecture. I photograph everything unique about the site in an attempt to create a DNA for the project and then I sketch the wackiest ideas I can muster.

ASIA DREAMS: Was designing your own home the easiest or most difficult project?

BENSLEY: Our home has always been the testing grounds for new ideas that eventually end up in a resort somewhere. We never stop designing and building our home, and as one project finishes, my partner Jirachai is tearing down another corner readying another project. It is always fun and like my work at the studio, if it is not fun, we don’t do it.

ASIA DREAMS: Name three things in your home that you can’t imagine life without.

BENSLEY: 1) My gorgeous partner of 25 years, Jirachai. 2) Our four Jack Russels; Chang, Champ, Chuck and Bob, and 3) my running shoes.