Curated Crafts

If you have passed the street in Batubulan leading to Ubud in Bali, you must have come across a striking establishment with salmon-coloured stone walls and intricate white statues. If you haven’t made the time to stop and check it out, it’s high time you did. The establishment is owned by UC Group Company, overseeing UC Silver Gold, Museum Naga Sanga Amurwabhumi and UC Restaurant, Café & Bakery.

The one-stop destination was first established in 1989, starting out as a silver and gold workshop. UC Silver Gold has the biggest silver and gold workshop in Bali and is located just a short walk from the jewellery gallery, making it easy for customers who enjoy seeing the delicate jewellery making process. UC Silver Gold even offers a silver jewellery making class, so that you can get a taste for the craft.

UC Silver Gold’s trademark design and philosophy is the sweet dragonfly that you will find on many of the brand’s collection – a reminder of how important nature is and how we should co-exist harmoniously with it. That said, UC Silver Gold offers an extensive array of jewellery, each with a distinctive design that you won’t find anywhere else.

The expansive gallery comprises an open showcase style that parades its silver collection on the first floor; here customers can choose and try any of the accessories. Head to the second floor to marvel at the gold jewellery collection and the masterpiece collection. The masterpiece collection consists of exclusive pieces with spectacular designs, each having only one item per design.

Almost two years ago, UC Silver Gold launched The Masterpiece Naga Sanga Amurwabhumi, a record-breaking silver sculpture shaped like a dragon with nine heads. You can be awed by this masterpiece at the museum of the same name, which also holds other impressive silver crafts and more.

While you’re here, don’t forget to rest and relax at UC Restaurant, Café & Bakery on the third floor. A family-friendly oasis, the restaurant serves delicious food, including its signature Bebek Tungku. Take some time to enjoy a cup of coffee and freshly baked breads and pastries at the Coffee Shop by UC Restaurant, Café & Bakery on the first floor.

Last but not least, the destination also opens its door to functions with the Balakosa and Abinaya rooms, accommodating meetings, gatherings, weddings, or any other function for up to 150 or 40 people respectively.

UC Group Company

Jalan Raya Batubulan, Batubulan

Bali 80582, Indonesia

T: (+62) 361461511 / 361461512