Journey to Peace

Experience a spiritual retreat with Aman’s Journey to Peace.

Peace is the main pillar of Aman’s philosophy and the meaning of its Sanskrit-derived name. Dedicated to gently teaching you to find this elusive state within, this unique spiritual retreat will be led by internationally renowned Tibetan Bon Buddhist spiritual master and scholar, Geshe YongDong, more popularly known as Geshe La, at Aman’s four serene retreat centres this October and November. Geshe La will share the ancient lessons of the Bon tradition at Amanoi in Vietnam, Amanpuri in Thailand, Amansara in Cambodia and Amantaka in Laos, enabling you to find the serenity of heart, mind and spirit.

Under the intuitive guidance of a spiritual master, you will learn specific and practical skills to find peace in everyday life. Special techniques, including breath control to calm the mind, Tsa Lung physical exercises to relax the body, mindfulness practice to heighten awareness and meditation to discover inner peace, will be taught over the course of five days.

Each day of the retreat will begin with healing breath work, gentle Tsa Lung exercises and quiet meditation. After both breakfast and lunch, Geshe La will lead a 90-minute session. A rejuvenating spa treatment will be enjoyed in the late afternoon, then after a leisurely dinner, Geshe La will lead a 60-minute evening session of chanting, mantra recitation and meditation.

The retreat is inclusive of accommodation and full board at each resort.