Museum MACAN Brings the Works of Patricia Piccinini to Jakarta

Simply titled “CARE”, this will be the renowned Australian artist’s inaugural solo exhibition in Indonesia.

From 23 May to 6 October 2024, Museum MACAN’s main exhibition will feature renowned sculptor Patricia Piccinini, where it will feature over forty sculptures, three video installations, and the impressive Celestial Field installation. Curated by Tobias Berger, “CARE” provides a comprehensive look at Piccinini’s artistic vision, blending synthetic and organic materials to create surreal, hyper-realistic sculptures.

Piccinini, an Australian artist born in Sierra Leone in 1965, is known for her sculptures that explore the intersection of the natural and artificial. Her work often features genetically engineered creatures that challenge our understanding of life and kinship. The “CARE” exhibition continues this exploration, inviting viewers to consider new forms of life through a compassionate lens.

The exhibition showcases Piccinini’s unique style, merging materials like silicone, fiberglass, and ABS plastic with elements such as hair and taxidermy animals. This fusion results in lifelike, yet fantastical, creatures that provoke thought about humanity’s relationship with the environment and the ethical implications of biotechnology.

One highlight of the exhibition is “The Couple,” a piece that integrates familiar elements of Indonesian domestic life, creating a relatable context for local visitors. This approach not only addresses global themes but also connects deeply with Indonesian culture and daily experiences.

During the opening week, Museum MACAN will host various events, including talks, tours, and storytelling sessions. Notably, on 25 May, Piccinini and curator Tobias Berger will discuss the artistic and curatorial processes behind the exhibition. Additionally, a special children’s tour and storytelling session titled “Every Heart Sing” will take place on 26 May, engaging families with the exhibition’s themes through interactive experiences.

The exhibition also includes a dedicated space for children and families, “Kindred Kinder,” designed to promote curiosity, kindness, and acceptance. Through interactive role-play and spatial experiences, this area reflects Piccinini’s theme of care extending beyond species boundaries.

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