Passion for Photography


Ida Bagus Ngurah Primarta, more familiarly known as Prima, is the man behind I Love Bali Photography – a photography service focusing on wedding and holiday photos. Born in photography-related surroundings – his father was a photojournalist and owned a photography business, Prima was not interested in the field until his college years.

Majoring in Visual Communication Design at Institut Seni Indonesia in Bali, Prima started to learn the basic, yet elaborate, skills of photography. From then on, his penchant for the art started to grow. His journey to establishing a photography business was not smooth sailing at first, with many obstacles and challenges.

In 2012, while getting his master’s degree, Prima built I Love Bali Photography and decided to be more proactive in his approach, making contact with wedding organisers in Bali and offering his service. I Love Bali Photography grew well and has been going strong, with high-profile clientele. In addition to bridal shots, Prima also dabbles in travel and fashion photography. His latest work can be seen in this issue’s Fashion pages.

I Love Bali Photography