Sharing Bali


The Setting
Sharing Bali is actually the name for the fitness programmes run by Australian expat Karen Willis and her Balinese partner Wayan at their property, Ayung Sari Indah. The grounds, which are located about 45 minutes from the centre of Ubud’s city centre, are surrounded by traditional Balinese villages and the Ayung River. They encompass eight bungalows surrounded by idyllic gardens and rice paddies.

The bungalows are charming and rustic, reflecting traditional Balinese architecture and design. Located in an area largely untouched by modern tourism developments, the accommodations are simple but plenty comfortable. While you won’t have access to wi-fi or a widescreen TV, you will find plenty of serenity and a total escape from the stresses of modern life. Most of the guests who come to Ayung Sari Indah are there to participate in one of Sharing Bali’s rigorous fitness programmes anyways, so the accommodations are more than suitable for enjoying your much deserved rest in between workout sessions.

Sharing Bali has a rotating schedule of fitness programmes running throughout the year, including those focusing on yoga, Crossfit, pilates and many more. Be sure to check their website for a complete listing.

Bootcamp Bali Style
Sharing Bali’s most popular programme is their six day long Bootcamp Bali Style. As the name implies, it’s an intense experience aimed at improving your overall level of fitness. However, everybody from couch potatoes to athletes are welcome as each exercise has both a beginner and advanced level.

There are no high-tech modern fitness centre’s here. Instead, participants will tackle the physical challenges offered by the local terrain.  Your workout tools will be logs, coconuts, rice sacks and bamboo structures. Rice fields will be your running tracks and rivers will offer resistance training.

The varied daily itinerary keeps participants on their toes. In addition to the eclectic mix of Bootcamp Bali Style fitness sessions, you’ll also go on jungle treks, climb a volcano in time to see the sunrise (followed by a couple of relaxing hours in the nearby hot spring), explore the backroads of Bali by bike and practice yoga in front of the setting sun. Fitness sessions can be followed up with massage and spa sessions to relieve aching muscles.