Smart Investment for a Prosperous Legacy

Ever since the Egyptians invented writing on papyrus, education has played an essential role in developing our children’s talents and potential and ultimately deciding their future. Take renowned veteran architect Frank Gehry, for example. Gehry’s creativity was encouraged early on by his grandmother, with whom he would build imaginary houses and futuristic cities out of scraps of wood. He ultimately graduated from the University of Southern California’s School of Architecture, after which he went on to design world-famous landmarks, such as the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Louis Vuitton Foundation.

Today, education is an even more vital factor in determining how successful your child will be in the future. One step further than that is preparing for your child’s employability entering the work sector. A recent study conducted by HSBC Global shows that the vast majority of parents (89%) agree that their child gaining work experience specific to their chosen occupation will increase their chances of finding lucrative full-time employment in said field. Another contributing factor is learning a foreign language, since 91% of surveyed parents believe this will boost employability. Lastly, completing an undergraduate degree (89%) and a postgraduate degree (78%) are also seen by parents as important keys to increasing their child’s chances of finding full-time employment in their chosen career.

A proper education leads to good employability, which leads to financial independence and responsibility. Who doesn’t want this for their kids? As many as 94% of parents think that getting a full or part-time job is an important step in their child becoming financially independent. When it comes to managing what they earn, 85% of surveyed parents believe that having their own bank accounts is one of the key steps, while another key step is believed to be having them manage their own bills, as shown by another 84% majority. Buying or renting a house or flat on their own is also believed to be a key milestone towards the same financial goal, according to 53% of surveyed parents.

Having sponsored these important surveys, HSBC fully realises the importance of education and other steps to ensure a bright future for your children. As such, HSBC Premier has arranged a number of propositions with multiple benefits to contribute to the future of your young ones. Some of these include internationally integrated facilities that support you and those of your children studying abroad, such as Premier MasterCard facilities, which include travel protection, rewards and FlexiCredit, Priority Pass, which allows access to HSBC VIP lounges worldwide, and the Premier Debit Card, available in 12 major currencies.

Admittedly, studying overseas away from the safety of home and family carries its own risks. This is why HSBC also provides various protection solutions to cover any unforeseen medical needs during your child’s overseas studies. Each of these protection options are tailor-made depending on each individual’s risk appetite, ensuring that wherever and whatever hindrance suffered will be brief, safeguarding both your child’s education and the continuity of your family’s welfare.

These facilities are available to you, as a globally recognised customer, via internet banking, with features such as Global Transfer and Global Safety Net, which include emergency cash assistance and card replacement for you and your children.

But that’s not all. HSBC also offers career training collaboration programmes with renowned educator Adam Khoo in the form of his Career Coaching Class, covering topics such as building an appealing CV, how to approach a job interview, how to get a flying start in their career and advice on one-on-one profiling, all to ensure that your children are prepared to enter the professional workforce.

Preparing your children for what lies even further ahead, HSBC’s Strategic Financial Planner offers valuable analysis to ensure their financial needs in the future are well met, while you can always employ the Wealth Dashboard and the valuable insights of your Relationship Manager, supported by an entire team of experts globally, when it comes to determining if you’re on track in terms of your financial targets. With both human resources and cutting-edge technology, all your children have to worry about is choosing which dream to pursue – HSBC will take care of the rest.

HSBC has dedicated these services and benefits to you and your children, keeping in mind the Premier Personal Economy Pillars of ambition, passion, family, experiences, business and life. In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing work and business environment, it is imperative that you and your children secure all the necessary steps to fully control elements in your lives that will contribute to a brighter future and anticipate unfortunate, uncontrollable events.

There is no room for second guesses when it comes to securing your children’s futures. Imagine that distinct feeling of pride and joy as you attend the unveiling ceremony of a future landmark designed by your child, or when you marvel at the luxury yacht your child designed exclusively for you. HSBC believes in their brilliant minds, as we believe you will make the right choices for them. As good old Mr. Gehry would say, “Let the experience begin!”

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