The New Look of ERDINGER Can


favourite among beer drinkers, ERDINGER has been around since 1886. Created by Werner Brombach, ERDINGER is an industry pioneer, the first to sell wheat beer outside Bavaria. Keeping up with its quality over the years, the brand has stayed true to its motto of beer needs roots. This is why the brand sees no reason to brew anywhere else than at its home base in Erding.

There’s a reason behind that philosophy, so drinkers can taste Bavaria in every sip. ERDINGER is particularly proud of its traditional double maturity method, or “Bayerische Edelreifung”. It requires care, skill and time. Instead of bottling and shipping the beer after the first fermentation process, the brew masters give it plenty of time to mature a second time. This allows it to develop additional flavour nuances and its gently sparkling carbonic acid – the effort is worth it. By the way, the recipe for ERDINGER Weissbier is over 130 years old, unchanged and above all strictly secret – in other words, a closely guarded treasure.

As the largest world wheat beer brewery, ERDINGER has recently introduced a new look to its 500ml can after more than a decade. Available in both ERDINGER Weissbier and ERDINGER Dunkel, the new look is still serving the same taste.

The ERDINGER Weissbier is created using the finest yeast, while the new eye-catching can design underlines what’s inside: gentle spicy malt aromas, fruity notes and an unmistakable freshness. Meanwhile, the ERDINGER Dunkel shows its personality with elegant gold lettering and discreet hop cones that hold the promise of exceptional quality and a deliciously smooth experience.