VIP Charter

Jakarta is a sprawling metropolis and as notorious for its traffic as it is famous for its delicious street food. But respite is at hand with a growing number of private charter services located at the international airports and operating from strategic points throughout the city to help ease you and your VIP guests into the Big Durian and beyond.

As well as offering a rapid-transit solution high above the city streets, charter helicopters and light aircraft may well be the best and perhaps only solution when faced with the challenge of reaching some of Indonesia’s more far-flung places.

For those in the city seeking a flying tour they also offer passengers a unique bird’s-eye perspective of Jakarta, whilst further afield passengers can look down on some of the most remarkable scenery in the region.

Operating a variety of luxury fixed-wing aircraft, as well as the acclaimed EC145 Eurocopter, one such operator, PremiAir, was founded in 1989 and is totally focused on the VIP business market in terms of style and service. Others such as Air Pacific – part of the Lippo Group – Komala and Transwisata provide tailored or specific services such as remote site aerial surveys.

Whilst recent developments have seen Uber – the ride-hailing app company – dip its toe into the Jakarta market in collaboration with PremiAir, most charters are organised via third parties such as Jakarta Helipad and Prince Jets.