Sam Aisbett, the young chef-owner of Whitegrass restaurant, stands at the forefront of the new generation of Australian chefs who are looking to reinvent Australian cuisine by imbuing it with international ingredients. Chef’s flavour-driven approach resulted in foraging trips to the woods, mountains and beaches in Sydney. He now pays tribute to his home country by incorporating a host of native Australian ingredients such as desert lime, fennel pollen from the Blue Mountains and Tasmanian mountain berries onto his plates for a unique nuance of flavours. When blending flavours from around the world in imaginative compositions, Chef Sam’s philosophy is to do all the pickling and fermenting processes in-house.

The combination of native Australian ingredients with local Asian produce and Japanese influences, has created an innovative and unique menu in which you can find original dishes, such as roasted Anjou pigeon served with slow-roasted young beetroot, onions in blackcurrant vinegar and beetroot puree, or slow-cooked Mangalica pork, cooked for 12 hours and paired with jade tiger abalone, smoked onion cream, handmade silken tofu and black moss. With Whitegrass, Chef Sam has endeavoured to offer a fine-dining experience in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. The restaurant is composed of three distinct dining rooms decorated with patterned sofas, pendant lights and vibrant rugs, which aim to evoke a sense of home among the restaurant’s guests.