BRI Prioritas– Prioritising Your Priorities

As part of its dedication to a nationwide network and a thriving market in Indonesia, Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) presents BRI Prioritas, a special, one-stop banking service encompassing plenty of banking and finance solutions for the benefit of privileged users. BRI Prioritas’ services and benefits provide greater convenience for privileged users, including exclusive facilities and services from banking needs to wealth management, delivered by professional, highly trained and certified Priority Banking Officers.

With BRI Prioritas, any transaction is made easier because privileged users are entitled to enjoy serviced transactions via telephone* as well as cash pick-up and delivery service* to any BRI Prioritas appointed address. The Services mentioned above are merely the tip of the iceberg, for privileged users gain a myriad of other conveniences upon becoming a member of BRI Prioritas. With consumer convenience and safety at its core, these services include the following:

• One-Stop Banking Services.

• Professional, highly trained and certified

staff, such as Priority Banking Managers,

Priority Banking Officers and Priority Banking


• Exclusive BRI Prioritas Service Centres.

• Exclusive Business Meeting Room Facilities.

• Complimentary Wi-Fi connection at every

BRI Prioritas Service Centre.

• Special parking area.

• Special tariff for a safe deposit box*).

• Access to the exclusive BRI Prioritas call centre –

(021) 5758899.

• Access to all BRI Prioritas Service Centres

and all adjoining areas, including:

– Meeter greeter area

– Dealing area

– Service area

– Parking area

– Working area

*) Terms and conditions apply


BRI Prioritas provides access to a wide spectrum of alternative banking products for you to safely invest your wealth in, such as clearing, deposit and saving accounts, as well as other investment products such as mutual funds, BRI Retirement Investment Plan (DPLK), ORI, sukuk and bancassurance, allowing you fully plan the management of your wealth in the most optimal and effective way possible.



Schroders Liquid Funds

Cash Trim 2

Fixed Income

Manulife Monthly Income II

Manulife Indonesian Bonds II

BNP Paribas Prima Asia USD

Schroders USD Bond Fund

Melati Pendapatan Utama Mutual Funds

BNP Paribas Rupiah Plus


Schroders Integrated Funds II

Schroders Syariah Balance Fund

Manulife Combined Funds II

Bahana Infrastructure Funds

Trim Combination 2

Anggrek Flexible Mutual Funds

MNC Combination Funds

BNP Paribas Spektra


BNP Paribas Pesona Syariah

Prime Equity Funds

Capital Trim

Syariah Index Mutual Funds

Manulife Stock Funds

Kresna Index 45

Schroders 90 Plus

Schroders Performance Funds

Mawar Consumer 10 Mutual Funds

MNC Equity Funds

BNP Paribas Equity


Bahana Optima Protected Fund USD 10 (BOPF10)

Protection X Mutual Funds

Tram Lestari 10


Available bancassurance provided through BRI includes:

a. Partnering Bancassurance Insurance

Definition: An endowment-type insurance product that offers life insurance benefits through the optimal return of principal and investments guaranteed by Jiwasraya. Provest Saving Plan provides a five-year insurance period with as much as 8.25% guaranteed return.

b. Provestara Assurance Link  PT Prudential Life Assurance

Definition: A lifetime insurance product with regular premium payments associated with long-term investment.

Benefits include:

•  Natural Death:  

Insurance funds and the entire sum of cash value all at once

•  Permanent & Total Disability (before the age of 60):

A maximum of IDR 2 billion insurance paid in two tranches:

• Phase I: 20% UP + Cash Value

• Phase II: 80% UP

•  Investment benefit:

In line with growth of investment point

c. Provest Investor Link PT Prudential Life Assurance

Definition:  An investment product equipped with lifetime insurance via premium payments.

Benefits include:

•  Natural Death:  

125% of premium in addition to investment point

•  Permanent & Total Disability (before the age of 60):

A maximum of IDR 2 billion insurance fund or 125% of single premium, in addition to investment point.

•  Investment benefit:

In line with growth of investment point


Your BRI Prioritas card identifies you as a privileged user, qualifying you to receive special treatment and services at BRI branch offices as well as subsidiary branch offices throughout Indonesia.

The following are several privileges BRI Prioritas customers are entitled to receive:

•  BRI Transfer Lounge with one-stop service such as immigration,

check-in and baggage claim within BRI Transfer Lounge at Soekarno

Hatta Airport, Terminal 2EF, valid for three.

•  Access to executive lounge facilities for two in 29 airport executive

lounges throughout Indonesia.

•  Lifestyle Privilege to support your lifestyle: private aircraft and

luxurious car reservation.

•  Personal travel assistant to help you plan and prepare your travel

itinerary or business trips with family or colleagues.

•  Medical Concierge Service: priority customers also receive

convenient and detailed information about health planning. Several

added conveniences include information about specialists and

appropriate hospitals, financial estimation, travel planning, as well as

registration at domestic and international hospitals.

•  Exclusive Medical Evacuation: priority customers are eligible for

patient transfer service from point A to B or medical attention

using land or air ambulance. This includes medical attendant service,

medical equipment, as well as medicine.

•  Events Invitation, BRI Prioritas customers are placed on VVIP guest

list of every event organized by BRI Bank, including charity events,

academic seminars, gala dinners, orchestra concerts, business and

economy seminars and religious holiday celebrations.

•  Special Birthday Gift, BRI Prioritas customers are entitled to a special

gift on their birthdays.

•  Free for life BRI Platinum credit card.

•  TERRASSE Premium magazine and one-year complimentary lifestyle

or business magazine.

•  Concierge Service: cake, gift, flower order and delivery.

•  Overseas Study Planning to plan overseas education for children of

BRI Prioritas customers.

•  Movie promotions at Blitz, XXI, and Cinemaxx*

•  Attractive offers at premium merchants.